Man Wakes Up To Find Random House Abandoned In His Field

housePatrick Maze/Facebook

A Canadian man had a bit of a shock last week when he woke up to find a mystery house had been left in his field.

Patrick Maze has appealed for help or any information about the mystery house, which has remained there since he first found it.

He posted pictures and a plea online, and said he was reaching out for some ‘guidance’ because, you know, finding a house in your yard isn’t an everyday occurrence.

Patrick Maze/Facebook

He wrote:

So I’ve never run into this situation before, but maybe my fb friends have, so I am reaching out for some guidance.

Have any of you ever found a house? This one was discovered on my property early Thursday morning on my way to work. It is still there this morning.

Perhaps someone stole it and took it for a joy ride, then ditched it on my property?

There was no one in it, so I don’t think it’s a bold move by squatters.

Facebook/Patrick Maze

He continued:

If I put a basement under it would I be able to keep it, under ‘finders-keepers’ laws?

If you know someone who has lost a house, let me know. Of course, they must identify it before they can take it.

In a time when property prices are soaring all over the world, Patrick possibly doesn’t realise how lucky he is getting a free house – without a dodgy mortgage no less!

The post has been shared hundreds of times, with commenters laughing at the surreal discovery.

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One commenter wrote: ‘Was there a wicked witch with striped socks crushed under it?’

Patrick said he was driving to work at about 5.30am on October 29 when he saw the house.

He told CBC:

At the time I assumed that it was just to be left overnight and they would come back right away.

Several days later, I’d actually forgotten about the house. I went for a walk on the property and there it still was.

Then I kind of thought, ‘That’s strange. Something’s up here.’

So I've never run into this situation before, but maybe my fb friends have, so I am reaching out for some guidance.Have…

Posted by Patrick Maze on Sunday, 29 October 2017

Luckily, the social media attention made its way to the house’s actual owner, Brenda Robertson, who said it was due to be delivered but due to permit issues couldn’t be delivered.

She said:

This is my house. It’s a new rtm from Winnipeg. The movers were supposed to deliver it on Wednesday. There was a problem with permits with sask power.

It wasn’t a safety issue but a trivial fact on the permit…

So it’s quite a surprise to see my house on your land. And they didn’t even have the decency to ask you first or to let us know what’s going on…

There will be words tomorrow.

Patrick Maze/Facebook

Patrick said he thought the house would be moved by today, but that his only concern was something happening to the building while it’s out there.

He said:

I’m sure for the homeowners it’s been a bit of a stressful situation because when you’re getting a new home it’s an exciting time but then to find out that it’s been delayed, of course that’s a concern.

But it all worked out. Happy ending to the story!

Major kudos to Patrick for perhaps being the most patient man in Canada.