Man Walks 450km To Cool Off After Arguing With Wife

by : Emily Brown on : 08 Dec 2020 07:29
Man Walks 450km To Cool Off After Arguing With WifeGoogle Maps/Paramount

Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself, get out of the house and cool off; perhaps after a stressful day at work, or, in the case of one Italian man, after an argument with a loved one. 

The unnamed man set off on his walk more than a week ago after falling out with his wife at their house in Como, in the far north of Italy on the Swiss border.


It’s unclear what the pair were arguing about – perhaps whether it was too early to put up the Christmas decorations, or whose turn it was to do the dishes – but it was obviously enough of a bust-up to require a decent amount of cooling-off time.

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About 280 miles worth, to be more specific.

The 48-year-old managed to hike all the way to Fano, a small town almost 400 miles away on the Adriatic coast, before being stopped by police. While it’s not generally against the law to take a walk, the man was found to be breaching Italy’s coronavirus curfew rules, which are in place from 10pm to 5am in an effort to stem the spread of coronavirus.


At first, officers refused to believe he could have walked all the way from Como, but a quick check of his name revealed his wife had reported him as missing in Como a week earlier.

Local media reports, cited by The Independent, described the man as cold and tired. He hadn’t taken any food or supplies with him on his hefty journey, and while he appeared lucid he admitted he hadn’t realised quite how far he’d managed to walk.

Man walks 280 miles after argumentGoogle Maps

He averaged about 40 miles per day, during which time he came across strangers who offered him food. The man told officers he was ‘fine, just a little tired’.


Following their week-long separation, the man’s wife came to collect him and confirmed he had not been seen since he stormed out of their home after their argument.

The man’s adventure didn’t come cheap, as his wife had to fork out for her husband’s overnight hotel bill in Fano as well as the €400 fine he had been given by police for breaching the overnight curfew.

PolicePA Images

Having to cough up hundreds of euros probably didn’t go down too well in the couple’s attempts to reconcile, but once the debts had been paid the man was able to return home with his wife.


Hopefully the repercussions of the argument will teach the pair to try and resolve their problems more quickly next time!

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