Man Who Dated 35 Women At Once Arrested For Scheming Birthday Presents Scam

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Man Who Dated 35 Women At Once Arrested For Scheming Birthday Presents ScamMBS News

A man from Japan who dated 35 women simultaneously in a bizarre scheme to get more birthday presents has now been placed under arrest.

Takashi Miyagawa, 39, met his victims through his work as a shower head salesman, tricking them into treating him for his ‘birthday’.


Miyagawa started up romantic relationships with dozens of women, at one point dating at least 35 women at the same time, leading them to believe he was interested in a long-term commitment. His victims were even left convinced that he intended to marry them.

One woman told MBS, that Miyagawa had kissed her during their second date, adding:

I told him, ‘I don’t want to do that unless [you] are someone who wants to get married and really be with me in the future.’ He responded, ‘I’m serious. I’m going to be with you for the rest of my life.’


This sort of impassioned declaration couldn’t have been further from the truth, and it would appear that Miyagawa was only interested in one thing and one thing only: birthday presents.

Miyagawa allegedly gave various different birthday dates to his many girlfriends, with the sole intention of raking in the gifts.

One 47-year-old woman was informed that his birthday was February 22, while a 40-year-old woman was told it was in July. A third woman, 35, was led to believe it was in April. As a matter of fact, all these dates were false, with Miyagawa’s actual birthday believed to fall on November 13.


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It would seem that Miyagawa was pretty convincing, with photographs showing him celebrating his big day over and over again with different women, enjoying birthday cakes, walks in the park and dinners out.

Miyagawa’s plan for a gigantic gift haul apparently worked like a charm, and he was gifted cards and prezzies totalling 100,000 yen (£668). This included a pricey £200 suit.

Eventually however, the multitude of women in Miyagawa’s life started to twig that something was amiss with their busy beau.

After cottoning onto his web of lies, the women Miyagawa had tricked banded together to form a victims’ association, taking their findings to the police in February. The game was finally up, and Miyagawa has since been arrested in Osaka on suspicion of fraud.


Those on social media have been left repulsed yet fascinated by Miyagawa’s complex plan, with one person reasoning, ‘He’s an awful person, but I envy his time-management skills.’

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