Man Who Knows Nothing About K-Pop Organises Kim Jong-Un-Themed Party For Sister

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Man Who Knows Nothing About K-Pop Organises Kim Jong-Un Themed Party For SisterV de Vitu/YouTube

A big brother was clearly relying on the notion that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ when he organised a Kim Jong-un themed birthday party for his K-pop-loving sister.

Siblings can support you in all manner of ways, but they don’t always see eye to eye with you on your hobbies and interests. Vitor, from Brazil, knew his sister was a big fan of Korean pop music, but when it came to her party he decided to focus more on the ‘Korean’ rather than the ‘pop’.


Vitor shared photos and footage from the party, showing the moment his sister walked in to her themed birthday party.

Check out her reaction below:

Sharing his story on Facebook, Vitor explained that he was in charge of decorations for his sister’s 12th birthday party, but that he didn’t know of any K-pop bands to use as inspiration.


It probably wouldn’t have taken too much effort for Vitor to have a quick Google and find some popular K-pop artists, or even to subtly slip the topic of his sister’s favourite musicians into conversation, but maybe he thought that would have been too predictable.

Instead, Vitor decided to base the party around the ‘most famous Korean [he] knew’; North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong-un.

Kim Jong-un birthday poster V de Vitu/YouTube

Once he’d chosen his theme, the older brother didn’t hold back as he filled the room with images of Jong-un. There was a poster of the leader, which had been edited to make him look as if he was wearing a party hat and was surrounded by balloons, as well as a cake adorned with multiple pictures of Jong-un in various stances.


Taking to Facebook, Vitor insisted that his sister ‘loved’ the party, though images of her unimpressed face suggest otherwise.

Hoje é aniversário da minha irmã, ela é fã de K-pop, fiquei por conta da decoração, como eu não conheço essas bandas, fiz o tema do Coreano mais famoso que eu conhecia. Ela amou.

Geplaatst door Vitor de Souza op Zaterdag 19 september 2020


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To make things worse, Vitor appeared to hype up the party before the birthday girl entered the room, making her excited for what she probably thought would be a K-pop-filled event.

In the footage shared on YouTube, Vitor says:


Here’s the thing, I know you like those Korean singers, only I don’t know it very well, so the theme of your party I made the most famous Korean I know. Okay?

The 12-year-old couldn’t stop laughing as the many faces of Jong-un were revealed, at one point admitting she was ‘feeling sick’ after having the theme revealed to her.

Kim Jong-un cakeV de Vitu/YouTube

Onlookers explained that the seven faces of Jong-un displayed on the cake each represented a different K-pop band member; a revelation that made the surprised youngster laugh even more.


Though it might not have been quite what she was expecting, the birthday girl said she liked the party, and I’m sure Vitor was pleased at having his efforts appreciated. Hopefully the family at least got to enjoy some K-pop music to make up for the Jong-un takeover.

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