Man Who Was Dead For An Hour Reveals What He Saw


A man who experienced death 50-years ago and miraculously came back to life, has revealed what he witnessed in a really bizarre interview. 

Dr Gary Wood was 18 when his car crashed into an illegally parked truck, suffering near fatal injuries and was even pronounced dead at the scene. During that time, Dr Wood claims he went to heaven, which ‘just relieved of all the pain’ after the accident, which crushed his larynx and ripped off his nose.

He recalled:

Dying is just like taking your clothes off and just laying them aside.

I stepped out of this body, this Earth suit, and then was lifted up through the top of my car and my whole life just passed before my eyes in just an instant.

Then I was caught in a swirling massive funnel shape cloud that grew brighter.


He described his trip to heaven as ‘tranquil’ saying he felt very ‘calm’ on his journey after the horrendous incident, according to The Express.

He continued:

Then this cloud opened up and I saw this giant golden satellite, suspended in space that the Bible calls Heaven.

What’s even more strange, is that Dr Wood went on to explain that he was greeted by a ’70ft tall’ angel, who was standing in front of gates that were ‘500 miles wide.’


He remembered:

He had a sword, he had beautiful gold, spun hair. And there was an angel inside of the city that was holding some books.

There was some exchange between the two angels and then I was allowed into the city.

Dr Wood went on to say that his childhood best friend who had been killed in a lawnmover accident, met him and showed him around this magical land.

He added:

About 500 yards from the throne room of God, my friend took me and I was captivated by the sign on the outside that said ‘Unclaimed Blessings’.

When I opened the door, to my astonishment I saw legs hanging there from the wall, real legs.

Every part of one’s anatomy was there in that room and people asked my ‘why do you need a place like that?’ Because God has a spare part when God has a miracle.


Dr Wood believed that whilst he was up there, he met Jesus, who gave him a mission back on Earth which is why he became a minster.

He exclaimed:

I was sent back to tell people that Heaven is real, there is a song to sing, there is a mission or journey to take, there is a book to write. You’re unique in purpose on this Earth.

Jesus told me to give a specific message – there will be a spirit of restoration that would prevail throughout the land, there would be a teaching and emphasis on prayer.

Flikr/Indy Kethdy

During this meeting, his sister Sue, who was also involved in the accident but survived unscathed, was calling his name, whilst paramedics tried to revive him.

He said:

When my friend was taking me on this tour, as Sue began to cry out, my friend said to me ‘you’ve got to go back, she’s using that name’.

And so I just shot right back down into my body. They noticed life signs, they rushed me to the hospital to stabilise me.


The minster has written a book about his unbelievable experience. It has been met with differing opinions, with some believing him wholeheartedly and others not quite so sure.

It’s certainly a detailed story whatever you may think…