Man Who Won $315 Million Lottery Remortgaged House A Week Before To Pay For Daughter’s College Fees

Tayeb Souami lottery winWPVI-TV

A man who scooped $315 million on the lottery revealed he’d remortgaged his house the week before so he could pay for his daughter to go to college.

Tayeb Souami, from Little Ferry in New Jersey, said he felt ‘very emotional’ during a press conference.

The 56-year-old said he found out he’d won the Sunday after the draw, telling media he was on his way to the car wash, but had decided to stop at a local store to check the tickets.

Tayeb Souami lottery winWPVI-TV

He said:

This is big. I am very emotional right now. I like the numbers and I always play with those numbers.

According to WPVI-TV, Souami, who’s originally from Africa, moved to the US in 1996.

Speaking about how it felt to find out he’d won, he said his heart was beating out of his chest ‘just like a ‘Tom and Jerry cartoon’, adding:

When I went inside, I scanned the first ticket and it wasn’t the winner. The second ticket was good but the machine said it must be seen by the retailer.

The clerk kept saying, ‘Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God’.

He said he felt so nervous about the whole thing, he had trouble driving home from the store.

Tayeb Souami Lottery winWPVI-TV

And while he only played the lottery ‘occasionally’, Souami, had remortgaged his home to pay for his children’s college tuition a week before winning the lottery.

The married father-of-four has decided to take the money in a lump sum, which means he’ll get around $183 million after taxes.

Speaking to the press about what he’ll be doing with the money, he said:

I have to take care of my kids. College first. Education is very important.

According to a poll, a £5.4m windfall would be ‘just enough’ for most people.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found most people think they’d need to win and incredibly precise £5,402,013.03 in order to cover the cost of their most-desired aspirational items.

On most people’s list of things to spend their winnings on, according to the poll, is; a holiday home, paying off the mortgage, going on holiday and buying a new car.

Andrew Clarke, Head of Communications for Multilotto, said:

Many people idly daydream about winning the lottery before they go to sleep, or during a slow day at work.

In fact, many people have worked out, almost to the penny, what they’d do with a huge lottery windfall.

The fact it would take more than £5 million to satisfy every last whim suggests Brits have some very expensive tastes.

More than 80 per cent of the population have played the lottery at some point before and half of the nation has tried their luck in the last month.

Piggy bankPexels

According to research the average lifetime spend on lotteries in the UK is £377.94 per person, with a fifth playing the lottery once a week.

Some of the more outlandish things people would spend their lottery millions on include a canal boat in Amsterdam, a steam engine and an Egyptian mummy. Bit odd, but I’ll allow.

Unsurprisingly, most people who took home a lottery jackpot would pack in work at the earliest opportunity.

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Mr Clarke added:

For most people, daydreaming about winning big on the lottery covers all the fun things, like buying supercars or gifts for loved ones.

But there can be a serious side to being super-rich and it’s worth considering that as well.

But overall, most people would agree that they’d rather have millions in the bank than not and certainly aren’t above a bit of free dosh when the opportunity arises.

*Goes and buys Lottery ticket*

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