Man Wins Massive Payout From Ryanair After Burning His Penis On Flight

Keith GaskellKeith Gaskell

A Ryanair passenger has won a massive payout from the company after he claimed a member of their cabin crew spilled boiling tea on his crotch.

Ronald Furlong settled a £28,000 damages claim over the incident on a London to Dublin flight back in 2012.

Mr Furlong claims one of the cabin crew knocked the scolding hot drink while giving it to another passenger, burning his abdomen, genitals, thighs and groin, causing him to suffer instant pain and forcing him to take off all his clothes in the aisle, The Sun reported.

Keith GaskellKeith Gaskell

The 33-year-old claimed the airline failed to properly make sure their staff transferred boiling hot beverages with the lid properly secured – he went on to claim his domestic, recreational and social life had all been ‘interfered with’ following the accident.

Ryanair placed the blame on Mr Furlong, alleging he caused the tea to spill on himself by acting in a careless and inattentive manner.