Manchester Attack Survivors Return For Little Mix Show To ‘Turn Bad Memories Into Great Ones’

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Two survivors of the Manchester attack have been praised for returning to the arena for a Little Mix show.

Max Trobe and his sister had been caught up among the chaos and terror of the fateful May 22 night which saw 22 deaths after a homemade bomb was detonated in the Manchester Arena foyer following an Ariana Grande concert.


But Max wasn’t going to allow the venue to become synonymous with horrible memories.

Trobe, 18, shared a photo of him and his 10-year-old sister smiling at the show, which soon gathered thousands of likes and retweets.

He wrote: 


Tonight I brought my sister back to Manchester Arena for the first time since the Arianda Grande concert, and thanks to Little Mix bad memories were replaced with great ones.

Speaking the the Independent, Trobe revealed how his sister stopped him from leaving early as to avoid the bustle.


He said:


They decided last minute to wait in the car instead, however I didn’t know this. I told my sister we should go and wait near that exit so that we could be the first ones out but luckily she convinced me to stay in our seats as they were good ones. When the concert ended I rang my mum to tell her we were going, and that’s when the bomb went off.

It was absolute madness, people were flinging themselves from balconies and screaming hysterically. I couldn’t reach the stairs so I kept picking up my sister and getting her over the chairs.


Thankfully, Trobe and his sister managed to flee the venue and find their parents.

It had been a six month wait until he returned to the scene.


He explained:

People reminded me I didn’t have to go if I didn’t want to. It was scary but I am so glad I did it. Both Ariana and Little Mix’s shows were amazing. I’m just as big a fan as my younger sister! They are each amazing and extremely talented.


As for those who are struggling to attend live concerts following the bomb, Trobe said:


Talk about it. I have had numerous conversations with so many people about it, and I would personally love to talk to anybody going through this as I can explain how amazing it feels to come out smiling at the other side.

Little Mix tweeted after the show:

Tonight was incredibly special. Thank you to the incredible audience for organising this and showing nothing but love in the arena tonight.

23 people including suicide bomber Salman Abedi were killed during the suicide bombing, and a further 512 were injured.

It came just two months after the Westminster terrorist attack in London, where a man rammed into pedestrians in a car, killing five.

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    Manchester attack survivors praised for returning to venue for Little Mix concert 'It was scary but I'm glad we did it'