Man’s Bike Fail In The Most Painful Place Possible Captured Live On TV

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Man's Painful Bike Fail In The Worst Possible Place Captured On Live TV@10newsfirst/Instagram

A man’s bike ride went balls-up live on TV for the whole of Australia to see. 

Picture the scene: the sun is shining and you’re out catching the rays, enjoying the fresh air as you go for a cycle. Maybe you’re on your way to work, maybe you’re going home, maybe you’re just out for a leisurely bit of exercise.


Then, as you try to come to a stop, disaster strikes. The bike’s intact, nobody else has been harmed, but you’re struggling with a mixture of agony and nausea. That’s right, you’ve slipped off the seat onto the rail and had yourself a painful testicular mishap.


The moment was captured live on Channel 10 as anchor Chris Bath threw the programme over to reporter Anne-Maree Leonard, who was covering the aftermath of a factory fire in Belmont, Perth.

As a young gentleman cycles behind her, he can be seen falling off the pedals and onto the bike rail, slamming his nuts and grabbing them in pain. ‘A painful moment on the news last night,’ the channel captioned the clip on Instagram.


The video has since been shared to Reddit and Twitter where it’s racked up more than 40,000 views. ‘Every man within a 50km Radius felt it,’ one user wrote.

That'll be sore in the morning... (10 News)10 News

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‘Right in the down under,’ another wrote. ‘Huge fire on the other side of the city yesterday, definitely worthy of news coverage and it gave us this gem of a nut crusher. Poor lil b*stard, we’ve all been there matey, we’ve all been there,’ a third wrote.

‘What are the chances of this happening to him right on tv, perfectly in shot,’ one Redditor also commented. ‘When I was 12 I tried doing a stoppy on a mountain bike and I slammed into the handlebars just like that so hard I tore my nuts open. Good times still got a cool scar,’ another wrote. ‘Oof that’s nuts,’ a third joked.


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  1. @numloxx/Reddit

    Kid nuts himself on bike outside Belmont fire scene. Feel so sorry for the poor bloke...