Man’s Colleagues Work 3000 Hours Overtime So He Can Look After Son With Cancer


A man’s colleagues have worked over 3000 hours of overtime to allow him to take care of his son as he fought leukaemia after his mum’s death.

Andreas Graf, 36, had to use up every single day of his annual leave from his job after his son Julius was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of three.

Julius was in hospital for nine weeks after his diagnosis, but when he was about to return to his family home, his mother died of heart disease.


His dad stepped in to take care of his son, but was worried he’d have to leave his job to deal with the death of his wife as well as his son’s illness.

This was when his HR manager, Pia Meier, stepped in to help.

Pia sent out an emotional plea to Mr Graf’s colleagues to donate their overtime to help him out and every single member of the company signed up. All 650 of them.

Even the colleagues who didn’t work with Andreas were quick to help out and within two weeks of the appeal, they’d raised 3,264.5 hours, which Andreas could take as paid leave.

Andreas said:

Without this tremendous help, I would’ve been out of a job by now.

Pia confirmed there’s not one person from the company who didn’t donate their overtime hours, which has allowed Andreas to take more than one year off work to take care of his child.

Thankfully, following his chemo, Julius is now feeling well enough to go home and is hoping to return to nursery school soon.

What an incredible story of people coming together just when they’re needed.

ADR Morgenmazin/Twitter

There are plenty of stories of workers doing incredible things for their colleagues in their time of need.

One such story is that of Derrick Taylor, a worker who had to walk five miles in the dead of night for his 4am night shifts, before walking the same route home afterwards.

Taylor worked at a UPS depot in Oxford, Alabama and despite living miles from work and having to walk most of the way, he still made it in on time, every day.

ADR Morgenmazin/Twitter

Staff bought Taylor a bottle green Cherokee jeep for $1,100 from a local dealer, before presenting it to him.

James Williams, Derrick’s safety instructor, described Taylor as a ‘hard working young man’ who ‘wants to work so bad, he walks to work from way out of town’.

Stories like this really restore your faith in humanity.