Man’s Face Impaled With Metal Rod After Collision With Lorry


Warning: Graphic Content


A car passenger made a miraculous recovery after being impaled in the face by a metal rod, following a collision with a lorry.

As a result of the accident, the man’s skull was pierced by the piece of metal – it entered through his forehead and came out near his ear.

Fortunately, after a four-hour long operation, the 29-year-old male survived this horrific ordeal.


Ullas Kumar was a passenger in the vehicle when he was driven by a friend to the airport to pick up his brother.

The car the pair were travelling in was in a head on collision with a lorry and unfortunately, the driver of the vehicle, Abdul Wahab, died on impact.

During the collision, Mr Kumar was impaled with the steel fixings of the car’s headrest and suffered horrendous injuries to his face and head.


Mr Kumar, from Kannur in southern India, was skewered by the metal pole however, surgeons were able to remove the rod after several hours.

The 29-year-old underwent the gruelling surgery to remove the metal stick at Aster MIMS hospital in Kozhikode, India.

Not only did her survive having the rod impaled in his head, but after just five days in hospital, Ullas had completely recovered.

If you’ve got the stomach for it, you can check out Ullas’s story in the video below – it does contain some graphic images:

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Mr Kumar said he was surprised by his quick recovery, as well as the fact he’s even managed to keep his eyesight.

He said:

My car met with accident, collided with lorry. My headrest stick penetrated into my head.[sic]

I have never expected this kind of recovery from that accident. I feel it like a rebirth.

Dr Rahul Menon, CEO of Aster MIMS, added:

Removing the pierced steel rod without affecting the eye sight of the patient was tremendous job and would like to congratulate the doctors of the neurosurgery department for this meticulous recovery. [sic]


Dr Noufal Basheer stated:

On the accident spot many stepped back due to fear, but a youngster came up to him and took him to the hospital.

Understanding it’s a dangerous situation, the guy never tried taking out the iron stick and provided with timely proper care.

What an incredible escape for Mr Kumar! Hopefully his life will continue to return to ‘normal’ and he has the necessary support to cope with the incident and death of his friend.