Margot Robbie Celebrates A Year Of Marriage With ‘Luckiest Man Alive’


Today we celebrate a year marking the happiest day of actress Margot Robbie’s life and the saddest day in most single men’s, who have no life…

Today is the date she got hitched to a complete unknown, 365 days ago.

In 1995 Bronx rapper Fat Joe dropped an album titled Jealous Ones Envy (J.O.E.), in 2001 he dropped Jealous Ones Still Envy (J.O.S.E.).


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‘What has this got to do with anything?’, you say ‘your just trying to fill your word count aren’t you?’.

Yes I am, but also I find it quite relevant, as more than likely when the Wolf Of Wall Street and Suicide Squad actress first announced she tied the knot, your collective hearts dropped.

It then probably got filled with deep-seated jealousy and envy when she announced she was getting married to her long-term boyfriend Tom Ackerley.

‘Who?’ you said at the time as you tried to bite down hard on your butthurt feelings.

Well, Ackerley and Robbie had been in a relationship for three years prior to tying the knot at a secret ceremony in the former Neighbours actress’ home country of Australia.

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According to The Daily Mail, she sported an ‘I Do’ t-shirt a week before their wedding.

Prior to getting married no one knew who Ackerley was, other than he was a Surrey-born, slightly posh, assistant film director, who studied at Godalming College.

Although the wedding was all very hush-hush, information still got out courtesy of her brother and now, brother-in-law, who suggested their wedding took place at the famous Aussie wedding venue, Harvest Newrybar.


According to an Australian paper, Woman’s Day, the elusive Tom wanted to get married in the UK, but gave up that notion for the film star – and who could blame him, he was gonna get married to Margot ‘freaking’ Robbie.

Apparently, the Australian actress had always wanted to get married in her hometown where she grew up.

Speaking to the publication a friend said:

The Gold Coast was somewhere she always wanted to get married, given it’s where she was raised as a kid on her grandparents’ farm.

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Another source added:

They decided to get married around Christmas so they could spend time with both their families afterwards, which they’ve never done before.

While we don’t seem to know much about Ackerley, her physiotherapist had plenty of information to dish out.

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At the time, according to the Daily Mail, she revealed:

She loves Tom, he’s the one, he’s the man in her life, he’s a gorgeous and delightful person.

They were friends and met while she was living in London, five friends together rented a house in Clapham, they loved it.

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So there you have it, a year on; we still don’t know much about him, they still haven’t divorced, so one can assume they’re still happy being together.

Which brings us to Joey Crack’s 2001 J.O.S.E., a year on and ‘Jealous Ones Still Envy’ Tom Ackerley.