Margot Robbie Finds Human Foot On Beach


Margot Robbie has revealed she found a severed human foot on a beach while in Nicaragua.

The Wolf of Wall Street actress shared the shocking story from the set of a recent film she worked on when the director asked her and the other cast and crew members to share the most shocking thing which has happened to them.


The 27-year-old made the revelation on The Hollywood Reporter’s live round table, saying:

I recently did a film, and the director asked if everyone could write down the craziest thing that has happened to them in their lives.

I had spent two months with this group of people, probably about 60 people, and everyone seems super normal.

And then everyone had to write down the craziest thing that happened to them, and it was released on the last day, and you had to guess whose story matched up with who.

It just reminds you there are fascinating people everywhere. Everywhere.


She continued:

I once found, and no one guessed this was me, I found a human foot on a beach in Nicaragua.

Someone had been engaged to the princess of Zanzibar. Someone else had been in a plane crash where only 10 people survived.

To be fair if I were playing that game I wouldn’t have guessed that little fact would have been Margot’s for some reason. That’s definitely one to play with the family at Christmas.

Fans are looking forward to seeing Margot take on the role of iconic ice skater Tonya Harding in her latest film I, Tonya next month, and she will no doubt get some awards recognition for her efforts.

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In the long-term, however, Margot recently confirmed she is working on a stand alone Harley Quinn film which is separate from her other upcoming appearances in the DC Extended Universe.

Let’s face it, Harley Quinn was the best thing about Suicide Squad. Margot’s casting as the fan favourite villain was perfect – whoever booked her for the film needs a raise and an immediate promotion.

Now this isn’t the already-announced Harley Quinn/Joker film or even the Gotham City Sirens film in which she will star.

This is a completely different entity which has been under production for two years, according to Robbie herself.

Warner Bros.

 She told MTV:

It’s hard to to kind of talk about it because all this stuff is under like, kind of lock and key.

But yeah I’ve been working on a separate spin-off Harley thing for a while now…

It’s a totally separate one, there’s a lot going on right now and I’m not sure, I honestly don’t think anyone knows what’s going to be the next thing to happen but everyone’s keen to get Harley back on screen so everyone’s working on lots of different versions of what that could be…

I want to see her with other women, I kept saying it when we were shooting Suicide Squad, I was like ‘She needs her girlfriends!’

She needs other girls around her because she loves that, you see it in the comics: she loves meeting people – any people – but she needs a little girl gang.


I wonder if there’s some way the filmmakers can drop in a little reference to Margot finding a human foot on a beach. Shouldn’t be too hard for Harley Quinn to find a severed foot somewhere.

You heard it here first.