Marouane Fellaini Has Shaved His Afro Off


Marouane Fellaini has gone for a dramatic new look by completely shaving his afro off. 

The Manchester United player’s hair has been a talking point for football fans for quite some time, and the 30-year-old has certainly played right into the hands of those looking to tease him about some of his style choices.

Though his bouncy hair was memorable as it was, the player kept things interesting by switching up his hair styles, and some definitely worked better than others.

Back in March, Fellaini was compared to Mickey Mouse – okay, specifically a ‘post-pubescent Mickey Mouse’ – when he adopted a middle parting and collected his hair into two large bunches.

Admittedly, it wasn’t the coolest of haircuts:

The player has also trialled braids in the past as well as dying his hair silver back when he played for Everton in 2013.

While the braids were presumably a choice, the silver was a charitable effort as the player promised Everton fans he’d go for the shiny look if they raised an impressive £25,000 raised for the club’s official charity, Everton in the Community.

Supporters didn’t disappoint, and Fellaini dyed his hair after they reached the target.

While it was all for a good cause, unfortunately the unique look prompted many people to compare the poor guy to a brillo pad:

More recently, Fellaini switched up his look by adding some highlights to his hair, which apparently came in useful when Manchester United played a poor game.

One football fan tweeted:

The only highlights in the Man U game are in Fellaini’s hair!

Now, however, Fellaini might have taken away the ammunition for those judging his hair as he’s gone and chopped it all off.

The footballer shared the dramatic change on Twitter, seemingly getting ahead of the #NewYearNewMe trend by going for a new look ahead of his 31st birthday tomorrow (November 15).

He captioned the images:

New year, new look #birthdaytomorrow

Here he is, in all his short-haired glory:

Despite the relentless teasing, it seems fans are actually upset about the loss of the afro. You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone, right?

One devastated person replied:

Whyyyyyyyy :( we loved that hair

Though some truly committed people managed to squeeze in a final dig at Fellaini about the disappearance of the afro, with one comparing his hair to a bird’s nest.

They joked:

A lot of birds will be homeless now.

It might take a bit longer for fans to spot Fellaini on the pitch now, but at least he might hit some more effective headers without all that hair in the way!

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