Married Couples Are Sharing Their Most Hilarious Sexts

by : UNILAD on : 08 May 2019 18:56
Married Couples Are Sharing Their Most Hilarious SextsMarried Couples Are Sharing Their Most Hilarious SextsDepositphotos

People often say things change after marriage, as you agree to be committed to each other for the rest of your lives.

According to numerous couples on social media, sexting is one of these things as the bar dramatically lowers.

Sexting isn’t just a way to be intimate with your partner, it’s an art form and every single word, or emoji, counts.


Many admit you can’t beat some good old-fashioned dirty talk during the early stages of dating, but according to some people on social media the heat on these messages dies down after marriage.

Over on Twitter, married men and women have been sharing hilarious conversations they have had over text with their partner, showing how sexting evolves once the knot has been tied.

For example, Adam wrote:


[Married sext]
Wife: What are you wearing?
Me: Just my underwear
Wife: So you still haven’t done the laundry?
ME: No I have not

Me and my boyfriend aren’t married yet, but to be honest this sounds exactly like a conversation we might have.

This couple know how best to spend their alone time together:


(Married Sext)
Him: Just dropped the kids off at the gp! 24 hours alone, baby. It’s on!
Me: We’re starting Game of Thrones from Season 1?!!!!!

That sounds like a dream 24 hours!

This guy’s tweet is too relatable:



Her: Come downstairs now, I need your body
Me: We having sex?
Her: No, I need you to get the rest of the groceries from the trunk

Jess’s message was simple yet effective:

If you’ve got the bacon I’ve got the eggs.

-married sext


While sexting has changed for Liz and her partner, whoever she married sounds pretty amazing:

Dating sext: come over baby my roommate is out of town

Married sext: the dishes in the dishwasher are clean, I did the laundry, and I meal prepped for you

A mother shared an image of messages she and her partner had exchanged, captioning it:

Sexts as a married couple with a toddler. Not pictured is him messaging me just now saying he would play with my hair and give me a back rub.

Although these tweets are meant to demonstrate how sexting changes after marriage, these messages feel all too familiar already…

I really wouldn’t say no to a night of Game of Thrones, back rubs and the housework already taken care of!

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