Massive Inflatable Unicorn Sledges Are What Brits Need Right Now

BigMouth Inc.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there’s a bit of a snow storm happening across Britain right now and there’s an inflatable sledge you didn’t know you needed.

You can ditch the standard plastic trays and go all out extra with an five foot inflatable unicorn snow tube.

Think blow up flamingo, you know, the inflatable everybody seemed to be floating around outside pools in on Instagram over the past couple of summers – but a unicorn version, for the snow.

BigMouth Inc.

With The Best From The East and Storm Emma stopping the country in its tracks this week – and more bad weather to come – at least you can slide down to the local park for a bit of fresh air, in style.

The product description on BigMouth Inc reads:

Our Giant Unicorn Snow Tube is a huge improvement over those harsh slabs of plastic people have been sledding with since wooly mammoths roamed the earth.

Simply inflate, find a snowy hill, then grab the comfort grip handles and take off. The thick, durable construction is great for sledders of all ages thanks to a smooth and cushy ride.

If unicorns aren’t you thing, don’t worry. There are 15 different snow tubes on the company’s website, including the classic pizza slice.

It’s approximately four-feet long and great for snow days or winter holidays.

BigMouth Inc

Both products are suitable for ages eight to 80 – which I’m not sure is overly advisable, I certainly wouldn’t send my nan down a slope on an inflatable unicorn, but that’s just me.

From inflatables, to rainbow glitter coffee to limited edition cereals, there’s definitely been something of a unicorn trend going on – and Mr Kipling are jumping right on it with some little mythical, magical, slices of cake.

The Mr Kipling ‘Unicorn Slices’ are now available in supermarkets across the UK – hey, you could even slide over there to pick some up on your inflatable unicorn. Stay safe though.

The individually-wrapped cakes are made up of vanilla flavouring with a mixture of a two colour pink batter, yellow mallow and purple icing, accompanied by yellow unicorn decoration.

Anyway, I’m off to go and buy an inflatable snow tube….