Meet The Real Life Vampire Addicted To Her Own Blood


A blood-thirsty Australian is giving Dracula a run for his money with her pale skin and love for her own bodily fluids.

Georgina Condon, 39, has been addicted to drinking her own blood since she was a teenager, resorting to cutting herself just to quench her thirst.

At first she only fed on her own blood, but it wasn’t long before she had her first taste from a ‘donor’.


Keeping to the eery tone, Georgina set the scene in a cemetery, telling

Initially it was my own blood.

There was a girl in the group and she offered for me to be able to taste her blood… I didn’t feel bad about it because she was so willing.

When I tasted it, I knew straight away that I liked it. My own blood just didn’t compare to the high I got. I was hooked!

At the time, An Interview With a Vampire had just come out and everyone was so into vampires. Guys were dressing up as the characters from the movie, so the subject was pretty much on the table from the get-go.


‘Goddess Ether’ as she is known, describes it as a drug that gives her a high and frequents the gothic underground clubs of Brisbane to fuel her thirst.

The femme fatale said she has many willing donors who are more than happy to offer up their blood.

But she says she has now become a monogamous bloodsucker, only ‘feeding’ from her boyfriend Zameal who she met at the annual Bloodlust Ball.


Georgina said:

Because if he really wasn’t open to the idea of letting me drink from him, then it wouldn’t have worked. It’s just part of who I am and what I need.

And interestingly it turns out there could be a scientific reason for her thirst.

Georgina said:

Because the white cells dominate the red, my iron count is low, so the adding of red blood cells from red meat and — in my case – blood, helps with anaemia. So that could partly explain my craving. I’m no scientist, but it has always been a theory of mine.


And it doesn’t stop there, apparently she is even allergic to sunlight! Georgina’s so obsessed with vampires that she’s started her own make-up artistry business and is writing a novel from the perspective of a real life vampire.

And you thought you drained your friends…