Megan Fox Faces Backlash For Sharing ‘Weird’ Beach Photo With Her Kids

by : UNILAD on : 10 May 2018 21:15
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You guys and gals ready for an understatement? Well here it comes! The internet is a weird place. A weird, weird place. I’m not even talking about the weirdest things on the internet.


Sure, it’s an incredible place too. In just a second you can find out about the 1169 Norman Invasion of Ireland or about the guy who invented Baked Beans, or Football.

You can get a live stream up of Brisbane right this second, listen to pretty much every album ever created, or video call your best mate who’s off ‘finding himself’ on a backpacking holiday in India.

What I’m trying to say is, through the power of the internet there’s an infinite amount of cool things you can do to waste hours. Or you can troll the absolute life out of the children of celebrities…

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This is exactly what happened to Megan Fox recently after she shared a photo of her two sons wearing wet suits looking pretty happy with themselves, reports Allure.

But then, outta nowhere, a bunch of dudes start throwing all sorts of abuse at the four and five-year-olds. You’ve gotta have a lot of built up hate to launch a verbal attack on kids who’ve only recently stopped crawling.

So just what was it which got the trolls aggravated? Their comments seem to suggest they weren’t happy with the way Megan’s FOUR and FIVE- year-old children looked because apparently, they ‘look like girls’:

One particular troll, commented on the post writing:

Lol…poor things look like little girls.

While another said:

It’s just that girls should look like that, girls! And boys like boys. That’s it and that’s that


A third added:

I’m pretty sure she encourages them to be like girls or something, she dresses them like girls for godsakes, look it up, and I’m not even surprised it’s just how Hollywood people are a little weird.

And yet another wrote:

Another damn celeb pushing this trans / genderless crap. And please don’t reply with your unwanted comment telling me what an assh*le I am, I already know.

Now trust me, I’m really not the sort of guy that gets triggered. I’m not the sort of guy that spends his evenings crippled by anxiety because of all that is wrong in the world.

But come on guys, this is literally just a photo of two children having a good day. Get a grip you absolute oxygen hoggers! Her two kids have got big smiles on their faces and they have long hair. This is not Megan Fox enforcing a transgenderism. Jeez!

Thankfully though, most weren’t so small minded and just saw the photo for what it is: a photograph depicting the happy innocence in youth.

One person said:

Ya’ll on here saying negative things need to check yourself. hair does not define sex

Another added:


Thts one of the stupidest thing i have ever heard ‘that they look like girls’ i mean its just a hairstyle u idiot trolls.. atleast leave children aside from ur hatred sick people.. [sic]

A third commented:

Everyone complaining about her boys having long hair!!! Google Jason Momoa! Or even the Hansons seriously nothing wrong with long hair for men/boys just like there’s nothing wrong with very short hair for women/girls! come on get with the 21st century equal rights and all that! [sic]

People really need to relax.

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