Men And Women Have Voted On The Ideal Breast Size


Breasts. Considering roughly half of the humans on the planet have them, they somehow remain a controversial topic. 

From mothers daring to use them to feed their children to how much of a woman’s chest it’s acceptable to see in public it seems like our societal obsession with boobs isn’t going anywhere fast.

As a way of tapping into this, Dr. Ed has conducted a survey of 2,000 people to discover both men’s and women’s ideal breast size.

They then compared this to average breast sizes in Europe and the U.S and the results are pretty damn interesting…

Dr Ed

Contrary to what you might think, statistically it seems that women are more bothered about having big breasts than men are when looking at what they want in a partner – if that makes sense.

According to the stats, eleven per cent of men prefer women to have small breasts, while only 9.1 per cent of the women surveyed said they would prefer smaller Cups.

Dr Ed

Neither men nor women expressed a preference for the larger sizes such as DD, DDD or E.

In fact, C Cups proved to be the most desirable size with 48.5 per cent of men and 52.3 per cent of women claiming that is ideal.

So, how do these relate to the actual average breast sizes in each of the countries involved ?

Dr Ed

Hungary was the only country surveyed with an A cup average, whereas the U.S, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Spain and Italy all have an average B Cup size.

The U.K, France and Poland averaged at a C Cup – the Poles actually expressing a desire for smaller breasts on average – and the Romanians, have an average D Cup size.

Dr Ed

Most importantly of all – just over 65 per cent of the women surveyed were satisfied with their breasts, leaving 35 per cent feeling either ‘neutral’ or sadly. dissatisfied with their breast size.

It’s important to state that of course all these figures are averages based on a relatively small sample and that at the end of the day it’s what’s on the inside that counts.