Men Dress As Nurses To Raise £2,500 For Hospital, NHS Chief Refuses Money


Health officials have refused to accept money raised by a charity due to the fact it was organised by men who dressed as female nurses.

In what some have seen as political correctness gone mad, Jan Ditheridge, the chief executive of Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, refused to accept £2,500 on behalf of  ‘The League of Friends of Ludlow Hospital’, who raised the funds via a ‘fun run’.

Furthermore, bosses at the Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust, have called a cease and desist on further runs being organised by the group – despite them taking part in the charity event for the last twenty years.

Peter Corfield, the head of the charity, explained to the Mirror the drag run was ‘never meant to upset anyone’, even pointing out hospital helped with their make up.

Yet Ditheridge defended the decision:

We have previously asked that this doesn’t happen and therefore don’t think it’s right to accept any money associated with this activity.

Corfield argued her refusal to accept the £2,500 was an ‘over-reaction’.


Corfield explained:

We have not had one single complaint about this event from members of the public.

The bed push has over the years raised a substantial amount of money and the lads who do it are great supporters of the hospital.

Mark Hiles, one of the seven men who dressed up and took part, says he feels ‘discriminated against’ because of the overreaction:

Everyone seems to enjoy it in the town and it’s obviously for a good cause. I’m a bit flabbergasted by it really.

Chloe Westley, Campaign Manager at the TaxPayers’ Alliance commented:

Hospitals are forever asking for money, so when they are presented with a charitable donation – that has already been earmarked for a new ECG machine – they should accept it.

Taxpayers will feel aggrieved that hospitals, run with their money, are turning down thousands of pounds from well-meaning supporters.


The ‘fun run’occurs every June with the group of men dressed in nurse-themed drag, running around the town with a hospital bed collecting money.