Mia Khalifa Shares Her ‘Most Embarrassing’ Photo To Celebrate 13 Million Followers

Mia Khalifa@miakhalifa/Instagram

Most of us don’t get a choice when it comes to posting embarrassing pictures of ourselves on the internet – our mates are normally more than happy to oblige, despite our pleas for them not to.

It’s all fun and games when you’re taking flattering selfies together, but the minute they snap one of you with your eyes half shut and you’re tripping over the stairs things takes a turn for the worse.

Others, however, have the luxury of choosing when to post an embarrassing picture of themselves, which is what Mia Khalifa has just done in celebration of reaching 13 million followers on Instagram.

It was just a few months ago that Khalifa was celebrating a paltry 11 million followers. The accompanying video, however, was definitely not a shot from ‘the most embarrassing night’ of her life.

Instead, she wrote:

11 Million followers, holy SH*T!!!!! Thank y’all so much, I love each and every one of you and that was a complete lie because some of y’all are the worst specimens in this universal dimension. But here’s a throwback that perfectly displays my current mood from when I was in Copenhagen with my love @robertsandberg

Now, however, she’s celebrating the heady heights of 13 million followers on the ‘gram. Good for her, I always knew she could do it.

Sharing the ’embarrassing’ photo, Khalifa wrote:

In honor of lucky number 13 MILLION followers, I will share with y’all the single most embarrassing night of my life: @rarachelray decided to make me a bed of towels in her BATHTUB because I wouldn’t stop throwing up on everything and everyone.

Yes, that is throw up in my hair, yes, she was almost just as drunk as me and still managed to play mommy, yes, I am a f*cking lightweight because I only had 6 drinks.

So there ya go. I still have the stains on my carpet to remind me of it every day … the following day consisted of ordering $120 worth of Whataburger and lots of cringing from hearing what I did in the midst of my blackout … #ThisIsWhyIDontDrink #FreshmanForever

Aside from amassing more followers than the populations of New Zealand, Ireland and Jamaica put together, Mia Khalifa has been making a name for herself as a sports pundit, finding time to make some x-rated jokes about Premier League footballers.

It turns out Khalifa is a West Ham fan, after apparently falling in love with the London side when she watched the 2005 film Green Street, starring Elijah Wood. Though West Ham have only got 725,000 followers on Instagram, so maybe she could give them some tips.

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