Mia Khalifa Shares Video Of Her Getting ‘Kicked The Sh*t Out Of’

Mia Khalifa/Youtube

Mia Khalifa has released a video of her getting the ‘s**t kicked kicked out’ of her.

The adult actress likes to try new things, and after trying her hand at football commentating and gaming, she has now turned to wrestling.

The 24-year-old gave American Wrestler, Thunder Rosa, real name Mel Cervantes, permission to take some pretty hearty swings at her during wrestling training.

In the full video, when Thunder Rosa asks her if she enjoyed it, former porn star Mia replies, ‘If I was in chains with a ball gag, I think I would have enjoyed that a lot more’.

As a caption for the hilarious video, Mia said:

For everyone who’s team that I’ve trash talked, and anyone who has ever wanted to see me get the shit kicked out of me, your lucky day is here.

During her wrestling training, Mia admitted that Thunder is ‘strong as hell’ and she has ‘ended up at the chiropractor’ since their time in the ring.

I’m not quite sure what this move is, but I’m going to call it the ‘boob slap’.

Slowed down, this video just gets funnier. The bounce-back almost sent Thunder flying the other way.

A couple of weeks ago, Mia took a trip to the doctor and posted a very happy photo on her Instagram page.

The former entertainment star said she was suffering from neck and back pain, thanking her doctor for enabling her to ‘from not being able to turn my head to full motion again in under an hour’.

Of course the questions came rolling in about why she had such bad neck pain, and as for the back pain, most people assumed it was due to her sizeable chest.

At least she has somewhere to go for her pain from Thunder Rosa.

That was just one of the chest slaps. On Mia’s Youtube channel, she uploaded nine minutes of her wrestling training.

Here’s the full video, it’s a funny watch:

The longer version includes Mia being thrown down in the ring, more boob slaps, and her other hilariously clumsy attempts at all things wrestling.

Mia was in a lot of pain after a training and the boob slaps, it’s safe to say she couldn’t take it.