Mia Khalifa’s Dunkirk Review Has P*ssed Everyone Off


Mia Khalifa’s recent review of critically acclaimed war film Dunkirk has left some fans absolutely furious…

Dunkirk is widely viewed to be a significant feat of filmmaking, described by The Guardian as being ‘an utterly immersive account of allied retreat’.

However, the 24-year-old social media personality and former pornographic actress was clearly not a fan of the new Christopher Nolan movie, and left a pretty scathing review on her YouTube channel alongside her friend Jerf.

Mia is a proud Christopher Nolan fan and a history graduate, but failed to be impressed. Braving the wrath of film buffs worldwide, she made the following controversial admission in the video description:

We were less than impressed and both agreed, had we not possessed basic knowledge regarding the rescue at the beaches of Dunkirk, we would have had no fucking clue what was going on in this movie….

Christopher Nolan films often involve disorientating narration and experimental storytelling techniques, but for Mia, Dunkirk took this a step too far…

Mia didn’t like the confusing nature of Dunkirk’s direction, where it wasn’t clear to her what time of day it was or even over how many hours or days the story was taking place over.

However, some viewers were perplexed as to how she was confused by Dunkirk but not by the mind bending Memento which she says she did enjoy watching…

Despite the much hyped visual beauty of the movie making it a perfect fit for Imax screens nationwide, Mia didn’t care at all for the way the film looked.

Christopher Nolan is well known for using moody, sometimes gloomy, colours to lend atmosphere, however Mia took serious issue with the movie colour scheme , with its palette of ‘three primary hues’.

The pair also didn’t like the way that the film was out of focus, with Mia likening it to ‘Melania Trump’s first portrait’.

Oh dear…

In terms of content, the two reviewers were also decidedly less than excited.

Observer Film Critic Mark Kemode championed the film as ‘the definitive cinematic depiction of this remarkable chapter of history’, rising well above the previous depictions of Dunkirk in Atonement or Their Finest.

Mia and Jerf however took a slightly different view…

Mia didn’t enjoy the lack of dialogue, which she described as being ‘bad’. Mia’s pal Jerf even described the film as being more like a ‘propaganda film during the war than a movie about the war’.

However, despite not having much positive to say about Dunkirk, she still awards it a fairly respectable, if underwhelming, 7/10 out of respect for the great director.

You can check out YouTube’s newest film critic in the following clip:

Whatever you think about Mia’s opinion on Dunkirk, a film which is almost universally revered as being top class, I think that we can all relate to that feeling when your mates are all banging on about a new TV show or film that doesn’t excite you whatsoever…