Michael B Jordan Reveals He’s Hooked Up With Fans Who Slid Into His DMs

Michael B Jordan award ceremonyGetty

It’s every fangirl or boy’s dream; to be noticed by your favourite celebrity and voila! You’re now in a relationship with them.

Sadly for most, it doesn’t happen like that and we’re left to our own devices. But for some fans of Michael B. Jordan, that dream has apparently – sort of – become a reality.

The American actor recently admitted that he has occasionally ‘hooked up’ with fans who have slid into his DM’s.

Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 31-year-old was talking about his recent success as GQ’s Man of the Year.

Following on from this, Ellen expresses her disbelief that Jordan is still single and says:

Now look at you… In all these amazing movies and really, so much has happened and you’re still somehow single. How is that possible?

It’s at this point Chrissy Teigen steps in and says she has ‘a lot of jealous people in the back’ for getting to meet him, as well as the crowd who then cheered loudly.

Michael awkwardly laughs and says:

You see, that’s funny. No, I’m just- I’ve been working, I’ve been working crazy so I’m not really having the time to properly date.

Not taking this as a decent excuse, Chrissy jumps straight to the point and asks him if he’s ever hooked up via direct message.

Not hesitating for even a second, the actor admitted:

Yes I have. I have, I have, I have, I have. I’m human, I’m human. Not often, but yes I have.

I mean, there’s no doubt there is there? On my count that’s six ‘I have’s’. Wonder if that’s representative of how many people he’s hooked up with?

He later took to Twitter to jokingly express that he’s classier than that, suggesting that he would never dream of getting with a fan.

He wrote:

Although he did then jokingly say he was checking his DM’s as he spoke, so make the most of your chance now ladies!

And it would appear Michael isn’t short of fans, whether they are mere mortals like me or celebrities of a higher calibre, as Nicki Minaj recently made her feelings for the actor clear.

The American rapper attended the People’s Choice Awards on November 11 and very publicly hit on the 31-year-old while accepting one of her awards.

Because what better way to let your crush know you like them than in front of an audience of celebrities, with thousands of people watching at home? To be honest, I admire her confidence.

Nicki Minaj ticket sales are struggling.Getty

While accepting her award for Female Artist of the Year, Nicki made the most of her time and decided to shoot her shot. Because, why not?

She initially thanked the designer who made her outfit for the ceremony, before turning her attention to the actor.

As she accepted her award, she said:

Shout out to Donatella Versace for custom making this outfit for me. And shout out to Michael B. Jordan cause he’s gonna be taking it off of me tonight.

10/10 for effort. Who else apart from Nicki would ever have the confidence to do something like that? Jimmy Fallon’s reaction says it all to be honest.

So Michael, if you’re ever short on the DM’s (which I highly doubt), you know where to look next…

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