Michigan Guy Bakes Wife A Cake That Looks Like An Actual Dog Sh*t

by : Emily Brown on : 26 May 2020 12:55
Michigan Guy Bakes Wife A Cake That Looks Like An Actual Dog Sh*tKennedy News and Media

There are cakes that look sh*t, and there are cakes that look like sh*t, but one poor guy’s attempt might be the sh*ttiest of all.

Don’t get me wrong, anyone who goes out of their way to lovingly create something for another person deserves credit, and sometimes even experienced bakers make mistakes, sometimes even Paul Hollywood makes mistakes, but sometimes you just need to accept defeat.


That’s probably what 31-year-old Andrew Paulson should have done when he recently attempted to bake a cake for his wife Aubrie, but instead he persevered and ended up presenting her with what appeared to be a plate of dog poo.

Andrew and Aubrie PaulsonKennedy News and Media

Andrew, from Michigan, decided to bake the cake following a ‘delicious dinner’, and though he had a box of cake mix to use for the bulk of it, he didn’t have any frosting to put on top.

Aubrie gave Andrew her grandmother’s chocolate frosting recipe and ‘let him do his thing’, assuming nothing could go wrong because the recipe was ‘simple’ and ‘foolproof’. Cut to the moment Andrew presented the cake, and Aubrie and her husband both ‘burst out laughing’.

Andrew and Aubrie PaulsonKennedy News and Media

It turns out the frosting had been too hard for Andrew to spread nicely over the cake, so he put it in a plastic bag and attempted to pipe it on instead. Rather than ending up with elegant swirls, Andrew created a series of long, clumpy, brown trails – an effect he could have easily recreated by letting a dog do its business.

After wiping away her tears of laughter, Aubrie attempted to rescue the frosting, saying:

It wasn’t really working – I just mashed the frosting down as best as I could on the cake, and we made do with what it was… we’re sure he added a little too much sugar to it.

Cake looks like dog pooKennedy News and Media

She thinks her late grandmother would have loved Andrew’s efforts, explaining she ‘had a good sense of humour and would have found the situation funny.’

Aubrie snapped a picture of the sh*tty cake and shared it on Facebook, where it quickly racked up thousands of likes from amused users.

She said:


I used to be a veterinary technician and I’m used to seeing all sorts of gross things. I thought it looked a lot like poo, and the page ‘crap I cooked in quarantine’ was an appropriate place to post it.

I posted it and within 30 minutes or so my phone was blowing up – I couldn’t believe it. We were cracking and just dying up at the comments – they were hilarious.

Andrew Paulson with recipe for chocolate frostingKennedy News and Media

Many Facebook users told Aubrie the post had ‘made their night’, with others commending Andrew for trying his best.

Aubrie added:


I think a lot of people can relate – everyone’s trying their best right now in lockdown having to come out of their comfort zones and do things they’re not used to doing.

Dog poo cake after Aubrie tried to save itKennedy News and Media

Andrew has argued the cake ‘tasted better than it looked’, though he’s going to leave the baking to his wife from now on.

Aubrie said:

He loves to grill and smoke meats – he’s a very good cook, but apparently not the best baker.

I’m going to go ahead and let him do the cooking and I’m going to take over the baking from now on.

Andrew cooking on the grillKennedy News and Media

The couple have their seventh wedding anniversary coming up soon, and although practice makes perfect Aubrie has decided to hire a professional baker for the occasion, rather than risk celebrating with another of Andrew’s questionable creations.

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