Millennials Don’t Want To Stay At Their In-Laws, Research Finds

People don't want to stay at their in-lawsSWNS

Anyone who’s been in a relationship will know the trials and tribulations that come with meeting the in-laws.

With every relationship it’s different, of course, but it seems there’s a recurring theme as research has found one in 10 millennials secretly hope there is no room to stay at the in-laws.

Researchers polled 2,000 UK adults aged between 21 and 38 and found that the last thing they want to do is spend the night at their other half’s parents’ house.

Forget about ‘no room at the inn’, this festive period it’s all about people wishing there’s no room at the in-laws as those polled revealed they’re ‘desperate’ for some peace and quiet over the festive period.

The study showed that being ‘on duty’ at the in-laws holds little appeal. In fact, those polled revealed they can only tolerate their company for three hours before they start to struggle.

C’mon guys, where’s the Christmas sprit at?

Instead, the research commissioned by found a fifth will look to spend Christmas Day with their mates, while 15 per cent are intending to go away on holiday.

Adam Jay, president of brand, said:

We all love getting together with friends and family at Christmas, and everyone celebrates it differently.

The research also found eight in 10 are planning to have get-togethers with friends at some point over the festive period (obvs). Three in 10 of those will cook a Christmas dinner with their mates and a quarter intend to go to a Christmas market with them too.

Similarly, 20 per cent are doing a Secret Santa and eight per cent are going to have a mini break with their friends. Hang on a minute, only 20 per cent are doing a Secret Santa? What’s wrong with you Scrooges?!

So what will millennials do on the day itself? The research found that more than half will sit in front of the TV and watch movies (check), with at least one of the films they watch being Home Alone, Elf, or Home Alone: 2 Lost in New York.

All solid options to be honest.

More than a third will spend time on social media, 35 per cent will play board games or card games and a fifth will take selfies.

The research also found that 17 per cent will have an afternoon nap – I can relate, once that prosecco hits there’s no other option.

And while they aren’t keen to hit the prosecco (I’m sorry what?!), they are a dab hand in the kitchen with 19 per cent of millennials planning to host when it comes to the cooking.

Okay, I can no longer relate. Soz.

People don't want to stay at their in-lawsSWNS

Almost half revealed they are planning to stray from tradition and have an ‘alternative’ festive meal – with a vegan dinner and pizza among the dishes likely to be served up.

And the break from what many consider the norm doesn’t end there – a fifth are planning to avoid alcohol completely on Christmas Day.

Despite all the excitement over Christmas and the rise of new traditions, those polled are sketchy over its origins – just 16 per cent know the complete nativity story. Four in 10 don’t know Jesus features – and it’s a similar story for Mary and Joseph (37 per cent) and Angel Gabriel (49 per cent).

Six per cent even believe Santa Claus makes an appearance. Those polled also revealed their thoughts on how the nativity story might differ if it were to happen now.

One in 10 think a unicorn would replace the donkey, 15 per cent think the three kings would be the three queens and 10 per cent believe Angel Gabriel would appear to Mary via Instagram.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study also found gifts from the three kings – or three queens – would be a little different too. They’d include an iPhone (22 per cent), a Netflix subscription (18 per cent) and rose gold jewellery (16 per cent).

Adam Jay added:

Whatever the occasion – friendsmas, quality time with the family or in-laws – there’s always room at the inn at and you can get a reward night when you stay ten nights with Rewards. is offering 10 per cent off bookings for Christmas Day with the code ‘RoomAtTheInn’.

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals!

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