Millions Of Workers Make Up Stories About Their Weekends


‘What did you do at the weekend?’ is always an awkward question to answer when you’ve just spent your precious two days of free time pottering about your house and having about one thousand brews.

In this age of widespread FOMO, it simply isn’t enough to mumble a bland and bleary-eyed ‘nothing much, you?’ first thing on a Monday morning.

Personally, I’m the sort of easily jealous, social media brainwashed type who naturally assumes my co-workers have all been out llama walking and axe throwing on a Saturday and Sunday.

And so, when faced with having to recount my own weekend activities, my palms begin to sweat as my mind races to figure out how to make my Saturday afternoon scooping up dog poop sound a little more thrilling…

I can therefore weirdly understand the compulsion of millions of Brits who lie to their colleagues about their weekend escapades in a bid to make their lives sound more exciting.

A telling study commissioned by Holiday Inn of 2,000 workers found how three in 10 of us exaggerate or even make up their weekend activities, rather than admit to staying in or not doing much.

The most common lie is faking having gone to the pub with mates, followed by tall tales of fine dining or working out at the gym. Other more complicated yarns include attending gigs, playing sports and even mini-breaks.

I honestly don’t think I could handle the pressure of keeping these weirdly specific lies inside me, and it seems many others struggle to do so, with one out of five having been caught out lying. Oops.

A Holiday Inn spokesperson explained:

Being asked ‘what did you get up to at the weekend’ is a common question from colleagues and friends on a Monday morning.

While this is great if you did something exciting, it can be awkward if you had a weekend where you didn’t even leave the house.

Rather than admit to a quiet weekend, many are making-up more exciting activities to avoid looking boring in front of others.

One respondent told a colleague they’d gone on a city break, not knowing their co-worker had seen them walking around their hometown.

The spokesperson continued:

Going away for the weekend can add instant colour to your Monday morning weekend chat.

Holiday Inn is committed to enabling the best weekends possible. With so much to explore right here in the UK, we help people nail their response to that dreaded Monday morning question ‘what did you do this weekend.

Workers reportedly believe going to a music event is the best weekend activity to wow colleagues with, alongside unwinding at a spa, visiting different UK cities and trying out extreme sports.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I really need to prepare for my high wire massage treatment in Bath before paragliding on over to The O2 arena to catch Elvis Presley’s resurrection comeback tour…

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