MMA Fighter Suffers Explosive Diarrhoea After Visiting Chilli Festival Before Fight


MMA is a pretty brutal sport, and getting choked out during a fight isn’t going to be the highlight in anyone’s career.

But if there’s anything worse than getting choked out on the mat in The Octagon, it’s getting explosive diarrhoea in front of hundreds of people after getting chocked out on the mat in The Octagon.

That’s exactly what happened with Travis ‘The Brown Bomber’ Wolford – we assume he got the name after this incident – when he was defeated by Daniel Cooper.

Check out the video:

To be fair, this is kind of on Travis, as he reportedly decided to visit a local chilli festival the night of his big bout.

You’re kind of flirting with danger when you go to a chilli festival before stepping into the ring to physically exert yourself.

The clip shows Travis get absolutely mauled by his opponent while in a guillotine choke. Travis tries to flip himself over and if you look carefully – we wouldn’t recommend it – you can actually see the bodily malfunction there.


When Travis gets up and walks around the cage, you can see the trail of destruction behind him.

It takes a few moments for his opponent and audience members to notice, but once they do, they don’t let up on booing him really loudly.

His walk of shame back to the locker room must have been as bruising for his ego as his undies.


Speaking with BJPennDotCom, Travis said:

Honestly I tried to hold it in as best I could it just didn’t work out too well…

When I tapped I didn’t tap because of the guillotine choke I tapped because I didn’t want to get it on him.

This must genuinely have been the most embarrassing moment for the guy, but he went back into the ring twice more, losing both times.