Model On ‘Oral Sex Tour’ Cancels After Being Mauled By Dog


An Italian model who was on an oral sex tour has been attacked by a dog in the face, thus cancelling all her endeavours.

Paola Saulino was left with horrific nose and mouth injuries after being mauled by the mutt at a mate’s Halloween party on October 28.

The injuries have forced her to postpone the remainder of her tour.

She told the Sun:

Pompatour is still going. I mean pompatour actually is my life-style. It’s my way to be free.

The doctor suggested me to not do big movements with my mouth for several months. Reducing physical activity of my face helps it heal better, to cure the scar on the inside.

After all I’ve learnt from this experience, I decided that my b*** j*** can wait for now, and my decision is to care of my health and heal my face.

She added:

I started to pet it on its spine, after a few seconds the dog had a weird reaction, all of the sudden it moved its head to my face and I remember I was able to see its muzzle and fang closed (over) my eyes.

I felt its bite on my face and I could smell its odour and see its saliva. Thank God it didn’t proceed biting my face otherwise I could be totally disfigured now.

Talking about her turnaround, she said:

Fortunately I had every part of my face composed, I mean I saw some cuts, the bigger and deeper one was in the middle of my moustache area, on the top of my lips.

“It was opened and I saw the blood coming out. And other cuts were on the nose, on the left side first of all, in particular one flap was a little detached.

Paola has expressed a desire to stretch her tour to Britain, calling us ‘nice and elegant, very educated.’

Just watch out for the bulldogs.