Model Randomly Decides To Sell All Her Underwear Online

by : UNILAD on : 22 Jan 2018 21:22
undefinedAlexis Ren/Instagram

Model Alexis Ren is clearing out her underwear drawer and selling it online for anyone to purchase.


The 21-year-old former Maxim cover girl has sold hundreds of items of clothing via her Depop page including plenty of underwear.

The worry would be, instead of people who want to wear the underwear, creepy guys will buy them and then who knows?

undefinedAlexis Ren/Depop

Alexis, owner of Ren Active, has put a steep price on some of her items, with the coral lace bra, picture above, costing $120.


I wonder if the price increases after she’s worn it or not?

undefinedAlexis Ren/Depop

Alexis puts personalised descriptions on all the pieces, often posing in them herself.

Either that or they’re modelled by one of her friends.

undefinedAlexis Ren/Depop

On one item, which she was selling for $140, Alexis wrote:

For Love and Lemons skivvies black nude and blue body suit! Infinitely enchanting the Florette Appliqué Bodysuit.

Designed with a soft tulle and lace blend and illusion tulle paneling to contour the body and topped off with a standout floral appliqué accent to infuse a hint of dark romance into this gorgeous one-piece. RETAILS FOR $180!


Alexis said she was just ‘clearing out her closet’ – we’ve approached her for comment on who’s buying all her used underwear.

Ren became famous after her videos with her, then travel boyfriend, Jay Alvarrez, went viral.

The pair had extravagant trips abroad, filled with bikinis and extreme sports, put to a soundtrack of deep house:

The travel bloggers had an explosive public break up which ended with Alexis Ren tweeting about the underwhelming size of his manhood.

The most expensive item on her Depop yet to be sold is a Supreme x Akira Collab green hoodie, which she claims is ‘super rare’, which she’s selling for $420.

Alexis has 11.7 million followers on Instagram and 12,524 on Depop, so her clothes, from suspender belts and bras, to shoes and earrings stand a good chance of all being bought.

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