Model Spends 15 Days Getting £13,000 Worth Of Tattoos All Over Her Body

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I love tattoos but I never have enough money to follow through my ideas – but one model has managed to make her tattoos make money.

Summer McInerney from Brisbane, Australia, has spent around 15 whole days getting intricate designs inked all over body.


Speaking to Daily Mail Australia she revealed that she’s spent around £13,000 on tattoos.

The 23-year-old model is now has a dedicated Instagram following partially thanks to her impressive body art.

Her art addiction began with a half sleeve in July 2015. However, she couldn’t resist more after meeting artist Coen Mitchell.


When Coen finished off my sleeve, I loved it and thought it was really different.

Pretty much straight away I wanted more and luckily he had a great idea for my upper thighs and bum.

When asked about what it is like to have your breasts completely tattooed Summer revealed:


The stomach and chest were a big deal for me when I got them done, but they actually weren’t the most painful!

Although between her breasts was apparently a completely different story:

I remember the middle of my chest – my sternum – it was unbearable.


Speaking about the pain of her tattoos the model also revealed another awkward area:

My feet were also pretty sore, but I’m about to get one of my feet lasered so that I can continue and finish my sleeve on my leg. I’m looking forward to that.


Having once gotten all my toes tattooed by a mate when I was very hungover I can confirm feet are an awkward place to get tattooed.

Although the inside of my elbow is hands down the worst place I’ve even been tattooed. Four hours of absolute agony.

Fair play to Summer for using her tattoos to make money to get more tattoos.

Something tells me the same business model wouldn’t work for me.

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