Swiss Model Who Spent £36K On Plastic Surgery Compares It To Clothes Shopping

by : Emily Brown on : 14 Mar 2020 12:01
Swiss Model Who Spent £36K On Plastic Surgery Compares It To Clothes ShoppingMedia Drum World

A model who spent £36,000 on plastic surgery to achieve voluptuous curves has compared her costly habit to clothes shopping. 

Angelica Stranger, from Switzerland, underwent her first procedure aged 21 after watching a documentary about Lolo Ferrari, a woman who had continued surgeries over the course of 10 years to achieve the biggest breasts in the world – size 54G, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.


Angelica’s boobs were naturally a UK size 34F, but she wasn’t satisfied with the body she was born with and decided to make some changes.

Model before spending thousands on breast enhancementsMedia Drum World

The model, who is now in her 30s, explained:

When I first watched a documentary about Lolo Ferrari in my grandfather’s video collection, I liked how she didn’t care what people thought of her – she was just herself. I felt very much the same and got my first procedure at 21.

My first boob job was to increase from natural 34K to 34O cup in Sweden. It was not the size increase I had hoped for. I was nervous and wondered if I did the right thing with getting bigger boobs but after recovering, I was so in love with the enhancements despite not being the size I imagined.

The feeling of going through that surgery and having a permanent improvement feels very uplifting. But you have to be very careful about what surgery you do and research a lot about surgeons to make sure you get good work.

Model spends thousands on surgery to achieve size 34O boobsMedia Drum World

Angelica has since undergone other surgeries, including a bum enhancement, though she hopes to further emphasise her curves in the future by having a Brazilian bum lift, which involves the transfer of fat into the bum.

She also hopes to have another boob job to help achieve her ‘desired fake look’.

Angelica continued:


I am considering a 4000cc implant and will consider up to 6000cc. It depends on how it feels but I certainly want a more fake style.

The biggest negative of surgery is the time spent recovering, the body is tired and very sore, and it feels like really bad jet lag.

But the positive is the feeling of after surgery and seeing a new modification outweighs this, even all bruised it feels so good and you can’t wait to show off.

Woman spends thousands on surgery to achieve 34O boobsMedia Drum World

The model has lost count of the amount of money she’s spent on plastic surgery, though she estimates it must be around €40,000 (£36,330).

She likened the activity to ‘going clothes shopping’, adding ‘it is scary that [she] forget[s]’ how much she spends.


Though some people have criticised Angelica for her big boobs, she is able to ignore the comments and continue to support other people going through surgery.

She explained:

While some people mock me for having big boobs, I just see it as jealousy or insecurity for them, not me. I am always inspired seeing other girls going through surgery and doing enhancements for themselves to improve their look.

Model spends 36K on plastic surgeryMedia Drum World

To help fund her procedures, Angelica sells clips of herself online, with content starting at £8.52 a month. The model receives a lot of attention for her enhancements, and recalls an occasion on which a man in Paris pulled over his car and asked her to marry him.

Angelica wasn’t so taken with the proposal, and lied to the driver by saying she had a boyfriend.

Discussing how the surgery has affected her love life, she explained:

Men always want to buy me a drink but sometimes confuse me with a working girl, which I don’t mind but it is not my thing. Things are always fine when I say no, because I think my beauty gives me much power.

It is hard to date and find a good relationship, previous boyfriends I had become too protective and jealous. They wanted me to hide my body and dress like a mother or something, and that is not my thing. You don’t get surgeries to hide your body away.

Women have the right to choose and should look the way they want and seek the attention they want. While I am very inspired by girls in Japanese manga, Jessica Rabbit has always been an idol, it is important to always be yourself.

We all have beauty, but to achieve a desired look of self-expression is even better.

Model spends 36K on plastic surgeryMedia Drum World

Angelica regularly posts pictures for her 81,700 Instagram followers and continues to feel ‘empowered’ by the ‘Barbie look’.

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