Model With Fear Of Flying Now Fighting For Life After Taking Meth To Calm Nerves

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sofia edigarovaeast2west news

A model from Russia is reportedly fighting for her life after taking drugs to settle her nerves on a four-hour flight.

Sofia Edigarova, 27, is said to have taken methamphetamine before she became severely ill on the flight from Omsk to St. Petersburg.


She was rushed to hospital in St. Petersburg with ‘acute poisoning’ after apparently taking the drugs to combat her fear of flying.

The 27-year-old was given first aid on the plane, but failed to respond, according to reports.


One statement said, via MailOnline:


The crew requested medical assistance and after landing she was taken to hospital with acute poisoning by a psychotropic substance.

A friend of Sofia’s confirmed she is in hospital, though no further details have been released. Authorities from Pulkovo airport in Sr. Petersburg declined to comment.

Sofia’s condition was categorised as ‘severe’, with police saying:

This woman was hospitalised. Now doctors are attending to her.


Sofia was known to suffer from a fear of flying, and had reportedly taken the meth to try and calm herself during the four-hour domestic flight.

Sofia Edigarovaeast2west news

Methamphetamine is said to increase the amount of dopamine released to the brain, dopamine is highly influential on a person’s behaviour and has a large effect on the reinforcement of ‘rewarding behaviours’, making it incredibly addictive.

The short effects of the drug, which is often inhaled, taken as a pill or snorted, include increased wakefulness and physical activity, decreased appetite, faster breathing, rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure and body temperature, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.




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In high doses, meth can cause seizures and bleeding in the brain.

Sofia was admitted to hospital with ‘acute poisoning’, though in worse case scenarios meth overdoses can lead to a stroke, heart attack or organ failure.

We wish Sofia a speedy recovery.


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