Moment Pole Dancer Causes Three Car Pile-Up After Showing Off Her Moves


This footage captures the moment a pretty blonde woman from Brazil literally stopped traffic after jumping out of her car to dance on the roadside.

A friend filmed the dancer on her mobile phone as a driver on the other side of the road braked.  She leapt out of her vehicle and started dancing to some banging beats, belting out from her car stereo.


However, it seems this lot struggled to keep their eyes on the road and the result was an awkward three-vehicle pile up as two cars smashed into the back of one another.

Her mate was pretty quick to realise what they’d done and can be heard saying ‘uh-oh’. The dancer can just be seen wanting to get the fuck out of this ridiculous situation.


The footage – which was filmed somewhere in Brazil – posted on YouTube under the headline ‘Blonde stops traffic’ has already clocked up nearly 350,000 views over the past week.

Local media speculated the mystery woman was on her way to a carnival parade when the incident happened.


It remains unknown whether police were called to deal with the crash.