Monolith With Cryptic Coordinates Vanishes In Adelaide Days After Discovery

by : Saman Javed on : 14 Dec 2020 13:04
Monolith With Cryptic Coordinates Vanishes In Adelaide Days After Discovery9News

Yet another metal monolith has appeared and disappeared shortly after – this time in the Australian city of Adelaide.

The silver pillar, which was discovered in a field in the south of the city on December 10, was complete with engravings and numbers.


By Sunday, December 13, the mysterious object had vanished, and three metal posts were left in its place. A photographer who has captured the monolith, said the engravings were actually three coordinates.


The coordinates pointed to the Trump Tower in New York, the uninhabited island of Managaha in the Northern Mariana Islands, and the Sphinx in Egypt’s Al Giza desert. According to 9News, binary code could also be seen on the monolith, which translated to ‘help us escape’.

The discovery in Adelaide is the latest addition to the mysterious monoliths that have been appearing around the world.


The first monolith was spotted on November 18 by a helicopter counting bighorn sheep in the south-eastern Utah desert.

The crew reported finding the 12-foot metal object ‘installed in the ground in a remote area of red rock’, with no message or sign to indicate who put it there.


Just over a week after it appeared, the state’s Bureau of Land Management announced that the monolith had vanished without a trace.


Since then, monoliths have appeared in Romania, Poland, Germany, Spain and the UK.

On December 6, beachgoers found an eight-foot-tall, highly-reflective metal pillar on the Isle of Wight.

Photographs of the object showed it buried into the sand in an area that is only accessible by foot.

However, the mystery of how it got there was quickly solved when a designer named Tom Dunford admitted that he had installed the monolith as a tribute to others around the world.

UTAH MONOLITHUtah Bureau of Land Management

The day after, an even more impressive structure was discovered in Columbia, this time the monolith was gold.

While all prior discoveries have been silver, the monolith’s golden colour has led some residents to believe it is the ‘monolith that controls them all’.

One community of artists, The Most Famous Artists, have now taken credit for the original Utah monolith.


One photo, posted to their Instagram, shows a member of the group wheeling a wrapped up monolith out of a warehouse.


When one follower in the comments asked ‘Was it you?’, the account responded, ‘If by you you mean us, yes’.

Earlier this month, YouTube channel I Did A Thing showed the detailed process of what it actually takes to put a monolith in place. In the video, the participants are seen transporting a monolith before putting it into the ground on the outskirts of Melbourne.

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