Montreal Man’s ‘Crappy, Half-Dead’ $5 Plant Just Won’t Stop Growing

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 29 Nov 2020 17:15
Montreal Man's 'Crappy, Half-Dead' $5 Plant Just Won't Stop GrowingMontreal Man's 'Crappy, Half-Dead' $5 Plant Just Won't Stop GrowingCBC News

We’ve all bought a sad-looking, cheap plant that we expect to last all of two minutes, but this guy’s ‘crappy, half-dead’ plant has lasted more than three years. 

Mike Doehl from Montreal, Canada bought the $5 poinsettia at Christmas three years ago, and not only has the plant survived this long, it has continued to grow.


Mike’s wife Joanne Hill was the one who bought the pointsettia, but with the help of Mike, she has transformed it into a huge, beautiul plant.

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Mike told CBC News, ‘When things are really beautiful, I want to keep them and cherish them. I just love this thing. The colours make me happy, especially during this COVID time.’

Apparently the plant doesn’t take too much care either, with Mike simply watering it frequently and giving it a bit of liquid fertilizer.


He and Joanne keep the plant outside in the warmer months, but move it indoors to their basement in the winter.

Mike even joked that the pair don’t need a Christmas tree, and put lights on the poinsettia instead. I mean, it does look pretty festive.

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At least Mike and Joanne knew what they were getting when they planted the poinsettia. Remember those ‘mystery seeds’ several US residents received in the post? One guy decided to plant them and he also ended up with a behemoth of a plant.


Doyle Crenshawn from Arkansas planted the seeds, having not heard the government’s advice telling people not to plant them. Speaking about the plants’ rapid growth, he said, ‘Every two weeks I’d come by and put Miracle-Gro on it, and they just started growing like crazy.’

Maybe Doyle will using one of those strange plants for a Christmas tree too…

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