More Than 700,000 Brits Cheat On Their Partner As An Annual ‘Treat’, Study Finds

by : Emily Brown on : 25 Mar 2021 18:07
More Than 700,000 Brits Cheat On Their Partner As An Annual 'Treat', Study FindsShutterstock

Most people might consider going on holiday, splashing out on an extravagant meal or buying some flashy clothing as a once-a-year ‘treat’, but for some the indulgence comes in the form of infidelity. 

A new study conducted between February 25 and March 1 this year questioned 2,050 UK adults to find out the most popular activities Brits take part in as an annual treat, as well as which activities we try to avoid doing more than once a year.


The most-favoured results were fairly typical, with almost half of the respondents (43%) saying that going on holiday was their annual treat of choice, while 22% said it was eating at an expensive restaurant, and 21% chose visiting friends or family.


Also in the top five were enjoying an afternoon tea, which was chosen by another 21% of respondents, and placing a bet, which was the choice of 19%.

While the majority of Brits were largely in agreement about their favoured activity, there were also a few surprising choices in the mix – most notably, the decision to cheat on your husband or wife.


The research, conducted by GrandNational.org.uk, saw that of the 65% of respondents who were married or in a relationship, 2% admitted to cheating on their spouse as an annual ‘treat’, which works out at more than 717,000 Brits.

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It also revealed that respondents from Belfast were most likely to be disloyal to a partner, with 7% admitting to doing so, followed by people from Southampton at 6%, and Bristol residents at 5%.

If there’s a wannabe-nudist hiding inside you, then you may be among the 3% of Brits who indulge in a whole day of nakedness as a once-a-year treat. If defying your boss is more your thing, then you’re perhaps among the other 3% who chose skiving off work.


Discussing the findings, spokesperson for GrandNational.org.uk said:

The Grand National is an event that many people will put money on, even if they never normally bet. It’s an annual tradition, so we wanted to find out what else Brits do once per year as a treat.

While things like holidays and dining at fancy restaurants are common indulgences, the fact that a small proportion of Brits admit to cheating on their partner as a treat is particularly surprising. Our findings suggest that if you’re from Belfast and in a relationship, you better check on your partner immediately.

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When it comes to the activities we love to avoid, it became clear that we’re not typically a nation that loves to be clean and organised. Doing a big house clean came in first place with 29%, closely followed by decluttering belongings with 28%, clearing out the wardrobe with 25%, defrosting the freezer with 25%, and clearing out kitchen cupboards with 24%.


In spite of the different choices, I’m sure we can all agree that when it comes to annual activities, cleaning the house is definitely preferable to being cheated on.

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