Mother Finds Child’s ‘Dancing Cactus Toy’ Swearing And Rapping About Cocaine In Polish

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Mother Finds Child's 'Dancing Cactus Toy' Swearing And Rapping About Cocaine In Polishcypis89/Instagram/Carrefour

A Polish mother in Taiwan found her child’s ‘dancing cactus’ toy to be swearing and rapping in Polish about cocaine and suicide.

We’ve all had dolls and toys that speak, whether it’s Woody shouting ‘Howdy partner’ every time you pull his string, a Build-a-Bear with a custom voice message or sound or Chucky warning you he’s your friend ‘until the end’.


However, there’s a line to be drawn between toys with strange messages and a cactus that allegedly raps in Polish about inappropriate topics for children.

Dancing cactus raps in Polish. (NovaShop365)NovaShop365

As reported by The First News, the mum – who lives in the city of Taichung in Taiwan – had visited her local Carrefour store when she came across the toy. It was described as ‘cute and fun’, ‘the best birthday gift for kids’ that would ‘stimulate children’s activity’ and ‘dance for a few hours, bringing the child a happy time in a lifetime’.

Importantly, it was also believed to be toddler-friendly. However, when the cactus started singing, she realised it was Where Is The White Eel? by Polish rapper Cypis. ‘Cocaine and attempted suicide repeat over and over again. It is really shocking and totally unsuitable for children,’ she told Taiwan News.


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The lyrics read, ‘The only thing in my head is five grams of cocaine, fly away alone to the edge of oblivion. I have thoughts in my head, when will all this end, whenever I’m not alone, because a white eel will fly in.’

Another verse reads, ‘Chemistry party I wanna go skiing, to the dealer, not to Alps. Oh f*ck, I think I’m gonna die if I don’t snort something soon, I want to touch the stars so badly, but none of this since I’m on a descent, total mega damn descent, and I dream of entering like a dragon.’


Other parents have noticed the song. ‘It’s a basic toy, it’s okay, but it’s scary that songs intended for kids are about cocaine, it’s crazy,’ one mum from Spain wrote on Amazon.

‘This is not a song for children. I gave it to a colleague to translate and then we realized that the song is about drugs and violence, it is a Polish song,’ another parent from Germany said.

The rapper’s management team has said it’s looking at taking ‘legal steps’ against the toy’s manufacturer for ‘unlawful use’ of the song. ‘Certainly, the producer would not be allowed to use the song for this purpose,’ they said.

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