Mother-In-Law Gives Newlyweds Accidentally Rude Sculpture Of Proposal

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 26 Aug 2019 15:10
Mother-In-Law Gives Newlyweds Accidentally Rude Sculpture Of Proposalu/zevHS/Reddit

Proposing can be a tricky affair.

From picking out the perfect ring, finding the location and trying not to give the surprise away despite your other half probably knowing exactly what’s going on, to trying to capture the moment and remember it forever. It’s a minefield and I’m surprised anyone even attempts it.


Many people do, however, some even going so far as to arrange elaborate song and dance routines, complete with choreography, flowers and, of course, someone there to capture it all on film so you can post the perfect picture to social media. Because if it’s not on social media, did it really happen?


Existential millenial philosophising aside, proposals can be great, and if you do manage to take a photo of the happy moment then it’s all the better.

One couple who managed to get caught in the act, however, found out the hard way that, while a photo of a proposal can look great (especially if they say yes), the same photo may not look so great when translated into another medium.


Originally shared on Reddit by u/zevHS, one such photo is making the rounds again thanks to the Instagram account Awkward Family Photos. Posted simply with the caption ‘Mother-in-law thought it was a good idea to get a sculpture of this beautiful moment’, the photo really speaks for itself.

Check it out:

The photo on the left is a pretty decent proposal photo. It looks as if the lady is totally surprised, the guy got down on one knee and, presumably, she said yes. It also looks like a lovely setting for the memorable moment, so it’s a win-win for the photo.


The sculpture, on the other hand, makes a bit of a cock-up with said hand.

Mother-In-Law Gives Newlyweds Accidentally Rude Sculpture Of Proposalu/zevHS/Reddit

‘Look! His hand! It looks like a willy!’ Oh how we laughed.

Naturally, the reactions were full of mirth too, with comments such as ‘Goldmember’, ‘Ironically, the sculpture would also capture the honeymoon’, and ‘I know what it looks like but that’s a little high up on the torso to be accurate’, being personal faves.


Luckily, the sculpture looks like it’d be pretty easy to fix. Just snap that wang off! Job’s a good’un.

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  1. u/zevHS/Reddit

    Mother-in-law thought it was a good idea to get a sculpture of this beautiful moment