Mother Shares Touching Photo With Boy But All Is Not As It Seems

by : UNILAD on : 04 Dec 2016 17:19
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When you first see this picture, you think it’s just a cute picture of a mum cuddling her son, but that’s not entirely what this picture appears to be. 


Blogger and mother Sophia Cachia has a hefty share of Instagram followers to her name- over 152,000 in fact- and shared this apparently heartwarming picture with her fans yesterday.

However, the 21st-century-mum, isn’t just snapping a tender moment with her young child. No, in fact she’s multitasking as every mum will know out there, is just a normal part of everyday life.

Sophia just thought she’d try and take a few minutes out to go to the toilet, but no, that’s not happening with a small child in tow. In actuality, she was trying to go for a poo, but her little boy couldn’t be left alone for a few minutes and decided to come with her for a hug.


While she was in the comprising position, she decided to take the snap to share with other fellow mums and the caption had them in hysterics.

3b28cb0200000578-4011940-image-a-4_14811623795533b28cb0200000578-4011940-image-a-4_1481162379553Instagram/ Yummy Mummy

I think mum’s across the globe could wholeheartedly sympathise with this little gem.

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