Mum Accidentally Sends Daughter To School With Vodka For Lunch

by : UNILAD on : 24 Jan 2017 17:05

A mother hung her head in shame, but also laughed quite a lot, when she got a call from her child’s teacher saying she had packed vodka in her school lunch box.


I know kids are under more pressure these days, but hopefully the first half of the day isn’t so stressful they need a lunch time tipple.

This mum wrote of the mishap that meant her five-year-old had a Smirnoff vodka frozen sorbet in their lunch.

“Made for a veeeery interesting phone call from the teacher!” the mortified mum said.

Posted by Kidspot on Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The mum wrote:


EPIC lunchbox fail when you tell your five year old Preppie to put a frozen juice pouch in her lunchbox and you forget the other pouches in your freezer!

Apparently the teachers were pretty light-hearted about it and the mother apologised for not sending enough for the teachers.

And to be honest it made the thousands of Facebook users who saw the post pretty merry at the sheer sight of it.

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