Mum Catches Kid Red-Faced At End Of ‘Trail Of Destruction’ After She Got Into Her Lipstick

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A mum caught her two-year-old daughter red-handed – and red-armed, and red-faced – after she stole her lipstick and went on a rampage around the house. 

Kiara Chandler was immediately alerted to the fact something was wrong when she woke up at her home in Leeds, Yorkshire, on April 2 to discover a red smudge on her bedroom light switch.


The 22-year-old mum cautiously followed the mysterious trail like a less enticing treasure map, trailing the red stains across the walls, stair banister, carpet and furniture before eventually finding the source.

2-year-old smears lipstick all over houseKennedy News and Media

It wasn’t difficult for Kiara to figure out what had gone on while she was sleeping, as she was met with the sight of her two-year-old, Harper-Jean Cook, covered in the telltale red substance, which turned out to be Kiara’s £17 MAC ‘So Chad’ lipstick.

As well as re-decorating much of the house with her mum’s makeup, Harper-Jean had drawn on her forehead, cheeks, nose, both arms, hands and even her dress.


Kiara recalled:

She just turned to me and told me that she looked ‘beautiful, like a clown’.

When I first saw the chaos I was a little cross, but it was hard to be mad at her because the situation is so funny. Her entire face is stained completely red.

Mum and daughter who covered herself and house in lipstickKennedy News and Media

The mischievous youngster seemed to know she’d done something wrong, and calmly pointed out to her mum that she didn’t have to shout, saying: ‘just talk normally, I am only stood here’.


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Kiara believes Harper-Jean sneaked into her bedroom while she was asleep and stole the lipstick from her dressing table before taking it back to her own room and ‘rubbing it all over the walls and banister’.

The mum added:

I reckon she managed to cause all the mess in less than 20 minutes.

I wear that lipstick everyday and each one costs £17. Fortunately, she only used one.

Mum and daughter who covered herself and house in lipstickKennedy News and Media

Sadly, Harper-Jean’s rampage left her favourite Frozen dress ‘really stained’, so Kiara thinks she might have to throw it away.

There’s no denying the two-year-old only brought it on herself though, as she ‘totally destroyed’ the lipstick and left the remains ‘missing’, probably resulting in more hidden mess her mum will have to clean up in the future.

Kiara shared photos of the carnage on Facebook, where her friends likened the lipstick-stained child to a pink animated character from the film Trolls.

The mum admitted the incident might have put a few of her friends off having children, but hopefully Harper-Jean will have learned her lesson!


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