Mum Gets Tattoo Of Son’s Drawing Before Discovering It Isn’t His

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Mum Gets Tattoo Of Son’s Drawing Before Discovering It Isn't Histh3victorygarden/Tiktok

After seeing her son’s wonderful artwork, a mother immortalised it in a tattoo. Unfortunately, it wasn’t his drawing. 

TikTok user @th3victorygarden responded to a video posted by @pigeonsandfries asking people to reveal their most meaningless tattoos.


Not everyone gets tattoos because they mean something; sometimes, it’s just because they think the design is cool. However, one mum thought it’d be a lovely gesture to get inked with her son’s drawing… only for it to not be his drawing at all.

In the video, the mum rolls up her sleeve and reveals the tattoo, which features a pirate cove with a large rock designed like a skull and a palm tree. It kind of looks like somewhere a SpongeBob SquarePants character would stay.


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Without a single hint of a laugh, she says: ‘My son’s friend drew this, I thought my son drew this.’

The TikTok video has been viewed more than 355,000 times, with many users praising the artwork. ‘That kid has some serious art skill tho. Plus it’s nicely done,’ one wrote.

Another user commented: ‘It’s pretty badass. I would believe it’s from a video game if you said that instead.’ A third wrote: ‘It’s adorable though! Friend did a great job and so did tattoo artist.’


Others have shared similar stories, with one writing: ‘A painting my son made in art class hung in a frame in my kitchen for 10 years before he told me it wasn’t his. The teacher handed them back wrong.’

Another wrote: ‘But that’s somehow a better story than your son drawing it… that’s F-in priceless.’

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