Mum Impressed By Tinder Man’s Home Decor Discovers He’s Posing In IKEA

by : UNILAD on : 17 Apr 2019 19:41
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A single mother was wooed by her Tinder match’s taste for home decor, only to discover he’s posing in IKEA.


24-year-old Natasha Reid, from Surrey, was impressed by Lee’s photos on the dating app, which she believed showed off his stylish home.

The pictures featured 28-year-old Lee reading a book in a ‘library’, tucked up in bed with a soft toy, and doing some painting.

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Initially dazzled, Reid went on to read his bio on the app and was left speechless when she noticed Lee had simply described himself as a ‘fan of taking photos in IKEA’.


Although this left full-time carer Reid feeling slightly wary, she admits it also made Lee her most memorable Tinder match so far.

Well it certainly is one way to stand out from the crowd.

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Reid said:

It’s 100 per cent a good way to stand out on Tinder. Even if he and I never go on a date, he will definitely get one with a profile like that.

I can’t even remember some of my other matches, so I think this one will stay with me. Rightly so, as well – he deserves it.

At first I didn’t understand what they were because they just seemed like really odd pictures. Then it dawned on me that all of the furniture looked amazing in this place.

What didn’t dawn on Reid though was the fact the ‘place’ was IKEA, although you’d think all the hanging price tags would be a giveaway?

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Reading Lee’s bio and discovering his love for IKEA, only further encouraged Reid to swipe right and message him saying his photos had made her day.


He messaged back telling Reid he was proud of them.

Her favourite picture, and ours, shows Lee sitting on the toilet – thankfully with his underwear still on though.

Reid explained:

The way he’s looking in surprise and he’s got his hand over his mouth like he’s just been caught on the toilet is really good. I think IKEA should take him up on being a sort of live mannequin because he pulled it off very well.

You see all the same types of pictures on Tinder. You have the ones with the guys in their group of friends and guess which one is them. You have the cringey ones with their tops off. It’s nice to see someone taking the mick.

If they go on a date, Reid would love it if they could recreate the IKEA date from hit film 500 Days Of Summer.

The pair are still chatting, so let’s keep our fingers crossed it’s a match made in Tinder heaven!

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