Mum ‘Mortified’ After Daughter, 5, Took Lube To School Instead Of Hand Sanitiser

by : Emily Brown on : 15 Oct 2020 08:47
Mum ‘Mortified’ After Daughter, 5, Took Lube To School Instead Of Hand SanitiserMum ‘Mortified’ After Daughter, 5, Took Lube To School Instead Of Hand SanitiserTriangle News

A five-year-old girl from Scotland was delighted to find a hand sanitiser that was ‘hot and smooth’, but her mum was less enthusiastic after discovering it was actually lube. 

Like most people nowadays, schoolgirl Summer made sure to load up her pockets with sanitiser before heading to school last week to make sure she could keep her hands clean throughout the day.


It wasn’t until mum Louise Hosie was filling the washing machine a few days later that she found the bottle of Ann Summers’ ‘Heat Wave’ lubricant in her daughter’s coat; a discovery that she found ‘really funny’, but which also left her ‘mortified’.

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Louise told The Sun she’d got the product from an Ann Summers balloon, in which she won two bottles of lube and a bottle of perfume.

She explained:


I’d just left it in the box, it hadn’t been touched.

Two days ago, I was washing Summer’s school jacket and realised she’d actually been taking it to school. Because her name is Summer and the bottle had Ann Summers on it, I think she thought it was hers.

Right away, I was mortifed thinking what if the teachers had seen it. But I guess if they saw it they’d have taken it off her.

Mum louise finds daughter has been taking lube to schoolMum louise finds daughter has been taking lube to schoolTriangle News

When she confronted her daughter about the bottle, Summer simply explained that it was for sanitising her hands ‘so [she] didn’t get germs’. The five-year-old said she liked the gel because it felt ‘hot and smooth’, which may have had something to do with the lube’s warming elements.

Louise continued:


It’s the one that goes hot and tingly. It’s just really funny. I told her ‘This is mummy’s’.

I asked if she’d sanitised her friends’ hands and she said yes.

The embarrassed mum admitted she has no idea how long Summer had been using the lube, but she doesn’t think her daughter would have got away with it at school for more than a couple of days.

Daughter Louise accidentally took lube to schoolDaughter Louise accidentally took lube to schoolTriangle News

Louise confiscated the lube and told Summer it needed to stay in the cupboard, though she said she’s still going to be embarrassed to face Summer’s teachers while doing the school run.


After learning about the blunder, Louise’s friends and family started to tease her and call her ‘Lubey Lou’. The mum plans on reminding her daughter about her unfortunate mix-up when she gets older, joking: ‘It will be funny for when she turns 18. I might put a picture on her birthday cake!’

The mum said the situation was typical of her daughter, who spent lockdown playing pranks on her older brothers, Liam, 16 and Shaun, 14.

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