Mum Reveals Why She Calls Her Disabled Son A ‘Retard’


A mum who calls her Down’s syndrome son a ‘retard’ has claimed she does so because she hopes it will help her son laugh at himself as he gets older. 

31-year-old Sian Isaac has admitted to using the term around her son Josh, 8, who suffers from the genetic disorder, despite realising that others may find it offensive as it’ll help him become stronger.

Sian, who has a second son Oliver, has even launched an online blog to help raise awareness of the genetic condition and describes what it’s like to raise a child who has special needs.


The blog talks about Down’s syndrome in a frank and honest way and Sian hopes that it makes talking about Down’s syndrome a less taboo subject.

Sian said:

I don’t call Josh a retard all of the time. I used that word, rightly or wrongly, before he was born. I don’t use it in the house very often at all.  I’d say to Ollie ‘stop being a retard’ so I would not then not say it to Josh just because he has Down’s syndrome.

People in the Down’s syndrome world would think retard is the worst remark. Rightly or wrongly I would call someone a retard.It’s not meant offensively; It’s just a word and I’ve not stopped doing using it, just less.


Sian believes that by using the word Josh will get stronger as he gets older saying he son will have ‘a lot of things thrown at him when he is older’.

It’s her hope that if he grows up with his parents laughing at him and him laughing along Josh will learn to laugh along with people rather than trying to teach millions of people to not use the word.


Sian explained: 

We are trying to teach him you don’t need to get offended by those people as it’s not worth it. We are just a bit more realistic I suppose.

I would never use it as an offensive term at all and if anyone did in my presence I wouldn’t like it.

While some reading this may baulk at the idea of calling a Down’s syndrome child a ‘retard’, myself included, I also feel that it’s not for us to judge Sian and it’s clear her heart is in the right place.