Mum Sells Cheating Ex’s Xbox For £3 To Replace Knife She Used To Slash His Tyres

Pixabay/Georgia Jackson/Facebook

A furious mum sold her ex-boyfriend’s Xbox console online for £3, in order to replace the knife she’d used to slash his tyres after he cheated on her. 

24-year-old Georgia Jackson, from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, Northumberland, posted an advert for the games console on Facebook, where she explained her ex had cheated on her. Or rather, in her words, ‘put his penis in another girl’.

The mum-of-one had been with her partner for four years before she apparently discovered he’d cheated on her once in 2016, and then again last year when she was pregnant.

In order to get her own back on the unfaithful man, Georgia sold his ‘pride and joy’ on a marketplace page and even threw in his new £44 headphones for good measure.

Xbox One consoles usually cost around £186, so whoever bought it certainly got an excellent deal!

In the ad, Georgia wrote:

Xbox one comes with brand new turtle beach headphones and 4 games.

Just learnt my partner put his penis in another girl so selling his pride and joy hence the price.

First one to collect it can have it for £3, I would give it away but need to buy myself a new kitchen knife as mine is currently sticking out of his tyres.

She ended the post with a smiley face which, given the context, was likely more sarcastic than sincere.

According to The Sun, Georgia explained how posting the ad and ‘humiliating’ her boyfriend, made her feel much better.

She said:

It was a massive betrayal.

I always had in my head that if he did anything I would smash his Xbox up but I knew selling it would piss him off more. I wanted to humiliate him. After I’d posted it I felt a lot better.

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She continued:

It distracted me and spurred me on a bit. It was my little bit of revenge but I didn’t expect such a big reaction to it.

He’s completely broken my heart so I don’t regret it — it’s my bit of revenge.

Hopefully losing both Georgia and his Xbox will have taught him a lesson on cheating.

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