Mum Shares Photo With Baby, Everybody Thinks She Has A Penis

A baby's foot looks like a penis Kennedy News and Media

Another day, another unfortunately placed limb in a seemingly innocent family photograph taken of a mother and her baby daughter.

Listen, as mature as we all pretend to be, it’s undeniably funny when a photo is taken in an awkward way – resulting in an optical illusion of sorts.

And there’s nothing funnier than when that optical illusion involves a foot dangling at a strange angle, therefore producing an end result of what appears to be a penis.

Which is exactly what happened to one mum when she looked through her holiday photos, and found her baby daughter’s foot was placed in such a way that it looked like she had a penis.

Shawnna Binks, 24, was holding her wriggling 15-month-old Layla on her lap for a holiday picture in Cyprus and thought nothing more of it until she looked through the photos afterwards.

Spotting the hilarious illusion, Shawnna was initially mortified because of how realistic it looked, but she soon saw the funny side.

A baby's foot looks like a penis

The holiday was Layla’s first, with Shawnna’s mum Carol Binks, 52, going along with them. Carol took the photo in question and was completely oblivious to the hilarious positioning at first, thinking it was a lovely shot.

However, Shawnna soon pointed out the blip to her unsuspecting mother, who was shocked but told her daughter she had to post it online because of how funny it was.

The 24-year-old mum from Hull, Yorkshire, describes the photo as ‘one in a million’, saying it is something they will all look back on in fondness when Layla is older.

You can take a look at the photo below:

A baby's foot looks like a penisKennedy News and Media

Shawnna said:

I couldn’t get it again if I tried. It’s definitely a one in a million shot. It was my little girl’s first holiday and we just went to Cyprus – obviously we were taking loads of pictures. Because it was so sunny we couldn’t really see the pictures so we were just taking absolutely loads. We didn’t try and do anything funny which just made it funnier.

I sat Layla on my lap and I said to my mum will you take some pictures – about 50, because sometimes my little girl smiles and sometimes she doesn’t smile. I thought we could sort through them when the sun wasn’t shining on the screen. I couldn’t actually see them until we got back and I couldn’t believe we had caught that picture.

It’s just how her foot was and how we had caught it in the angle of my lap.

The 24-year-old initially didn’t want to post the picture online because of how it looked, but her mum eventually persuaded her and showed her the funny side.

Her online post to friends read:

MASSIVE MASSIVE PHOTO FAIL. When it just slips out of your bikini. Layla’s little foot looks awfully like I have something hanging between my legs.

Everyone found it funny and the 24-year-old, who works as a bouncer at a nightclub while studying for a degree in Youth Justice Studies, immediately put the photo in an album for Layla to look through when she’s older.

I’m assuming Layla is completely oblivious to the fact that her seemingly innocent foot has turned her family into a viral sensation over night.

It’ll be a great little ice-breaker when she’s older at least!

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