Derby Mum Shares Results Of Hilarious Fake Tan Fail After Breastfeeding Her Newborn

by : Julia Banim on : 17 Feb 2020 10:01
Mum Shares Results Of Hilarious Fake Tan Fail After Breastfeeding Her NewbornMum Shares Results Of Hilarious Fake Tan Fail After Breastfeeding Her NewbornKennedy News and Media

An adorable five-month-old baby boy has ended up ‘looking like Homer Simpson’ after his mum forgot to clean off her fake tan before breastfeeding him.


On Friday, February 14, Keziah Jozefiak, 20, from Derby, had been whacking on a bit of Bondi Sands fake tan ahead of heading out for dinner with her partner James Smith, 21.

However, as many new parents will undoubtedly know, your little ones do not care one bit how romantic your Valentine’s Day plans may be. So it was that Keziah’s date prep plans were interrupted by her hungry baby, Raf.

Fake Tan BabyFake Tan BabyKennedy News and Media

Raf is exclusively breastfed, and so Keziah thought nothing of it as she picked her peckish young son up for a feed.


However – as any self-tan aficionado will know – time is needed for your fake bake to dry naturally to avoid getting it all over your bed sheets, curtains and pale-furred pets.

Unfortunately for trainee mortgage advisor Keziah, her tan hadn’t had chance to dry when she began feeding Raf. And the accidental results of her multi-tasking are truly hilarious.

After Raf was full, Keziah couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at his little face. A circle of fake tan had completely covered his mouth, the bottom of his nose and his chin, looking startlingly like Homer Simpson’s stubble.

Fake TanFake TanKennedy News and Media

Thankfully, Raf didn’t look too annoyed about his first big getting-ready mishap; beaming away in photographs that have since been shared more than 101,000 times at the time of writing.

A highly amused Keziah said:

When I looked down at Raf I just burst out laughing. I couldn’t believe the tan had left his mouth looking like Homer [Simpson]. Raf was asleep so I thought I could squeeze in some tanning time but he woke up starving mid tan.

It is the first and definitely last time I feed him with my tan still on. It hadn’t actually occurred to me that the tan could transfer onto him.

I took a picture and sent it to my girlfriends and they were all laughing as well. Everyone is finding it hilarious and my mum rang me in tears she found it so funny.

Keziah tends to tan about once a week, applying it in the evening before washing it off before bedtime so it never ends up all over little Raf.

Fake TanFake TanKennedy News and Media

Luckily, Raf won’t be left with tan marks until he’s out of nappies. Panicked Keziah spent about an hour removing the substance from the boy’s face, and still had time to get ready for her big night out.

Keziah said:

It took me a good solid hour to get the tan off his face properly but he found the whole thing hilarious.

I used baby oil and baby wipes and he looked shiny and clean after. Fortunately, Bondi Sands tan is really good for your skin.

Fake TanFake TanKennedy News and Media

I can only hope Keziah makes sure to have this image blown up on a mortifyingly large banner for when Raf’s 18th birthday rolls around…

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