Mum Tapes Up Husband’s Snacks Because She’s Sick Of Him Eating Everything

by : Lucy Connolly on : 30 Jan 2020 17:15
Mum Tapes Up Husband's Snacks Because She's Sick Of Him Eating EverythingKennedy News and Media

A mum got so fed up of her husband eating all their snacks that she decided to tape them all up when drunk.

Tammy Johnson, 41, decided to wrap all of the food in electrical tape when hubby Thomas Johnson, 43, had gone upstairs to bed, targeting everything from eggs to sausage rolls.


She even set up a booby trap, placing a cake on a mouse trap and placing chocolate on the floor leading towards it to catch Thomas in the act the next morning.

Woman tapes up husbands snacks to stop him eating themKennedy News and Media

Apparently, it’s a running joke within the family that Thomas can’t go into the kitchen without coming out with some sort of food in his mouth – so when her brother came round with electrical tape, she knew what she had to do.

When he came downstairs the next morning, the 43-year-old discovered all the blocks of cheese, packets of biscuits, and cereal boxes were wrapped up, preventing him from getting into them.


Weeks later, the couple are still finding food taped up after Tammy’s drunken antics, with the wife stating: ‘I actually found half a packet of biscuits the other day that was still sellotaped up.’

Woman tapes up husbands snacks to stop him eating themKennedy News and Media

Tammy, from Stockport, Greater Manchester, said she and her brother had been ‘taking the mickey’ out of Thomas leading up to the prank because ‘he basically just eats anything in his sight’.

She explained:


If the kids leave something on the side, without even thinking about it, he will eat it without even knowing that he has done it.

After setting up the booby trap she went to bed, and it was only the next morning that Tammy said she thought: ‘Oh my god, what have we done? Everything in the house is taped up.’

Woman tapes up husbands snacks to stop him eating themKennedy News and Media

Despite the mum-of-four’s best efforts, the booby traps didn’t actually deter Thomas from eating the food, with the 43-year-old stating: ‘She thinks I’m too lazy to undo it but I’m not.’


He continued:

It is funny. I understand why she did it, because every time I go in the kitchen I’m always picking food out of the cupboards. She says I never come out of there without food in my mouth.

She taped up literally everything, near enough. I thought she was off her head. I couldn’t believe she had done that. She spent an hour doing it, I reckon.

Tammy, a stay-at-home mum, said Thomas thought she and her brother were both ‘lunatics’ when he woke up and realised what they’d done. She continued: ‘It didn’t work. He still ate the food. It just took him a bit longer to get into.’

Woman tapes up husbands snacks to stop him eating themKennedy News and Media

The mum has even put a note on the fridge for Thomas before, reading: ‘Keep out you fat b*stard’. But her hubby is certain it’s nothing personal, stating: ‘It’s not about weight or anything like that.’

He continued:

Tammy just thinks I can’t go in the kitchen without having something in my gob when I come out of there. If I’m making a brew, I’ll come out eating something. She’s just making the point that I eat her out of house and home, I think.

Long story short, the prank didn’t work and Thomas ate all of the food anyway. Meaning a whole lot of electrical tape got wasted for no good reason.

Ah well, there’s always next time.

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